Who were the Nephilim mentioned in ancient sources

(ORDO NEWS) — Previously, some researchers claimed to have found the remains of the Nephilim, although, of course, they are wrong.

The Bible is full of incredible characters and events, but one strange story is believed by some to be backed up by archaeological evidence.

We are talking about the “nephilim”: a group of giants who, according to sacred texts, are the sons of angels or God.

The Nephilim are spoken of in the Book of Genesis, where they are described as “powerful people” and compared to them, ordinary people look tiny.

The Nephilim are described in more detail in the Book of Enoch, which is supposedly written by Noah’s grandfather.

The book describes a group of fallen angels who chose to stay on Earth before interbreeding with humans and creating the Nephilim.

“And they became pregnant, and they gave birth to great giants whose height was three thousand cubits [3429 meters],” the text says, “who consumed all the acquisitions of people.

And when the people could no longer support them, the giants turned against them and devoured humanity.

And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and devour one another’s flesh, and drink blood.”

People interpreted these passages as follows: fallen angels copulated with “daughters of men”, creating a supernatural being called Nephilim.

Others have argued that fallen angels simply possessed people before engaging in sexual intercourse, creating the same group.

Some interpreters of the Bible believe that the Nephilim were not destroyed by the great flood because they were too tall.

Most researchers believe that nothing survived the immersion of the Earth in water, except for Noah’s big boat.

However, this does not stop people from believing that they have found the remains of the Nephilim. In 1577, a collection of bones was found in Switzerland that were thought to belong to a giant.

The skeleton, “according to the calculations of the learned physician Pieter, did not exceed 5.8 meters,” says a report on the disappointingly short Nephilim.

A few hundred years later, in 1786, the German naturalist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach realized that the skeleton actually belonged to a mammoth.

“Giants that once groaned underwater,” wrote Massachusetts Puritan Cotton Mather of a fossil of one such species found in 1705 in Albany, New York, “are now underground, and their dead bones are living proof.” stories of Moses.

In fact, these bones turned out to be the bones of a mastodon. Scientists believe that the Nephilim could not exist in real life either before or after the Flood.

It’s all about the square-cube law, which says that as the size of any object increases, its volume grows faster than its surface area. Area increases with the square of your size, while your volume increases with the cube of your size.

Thus, as humans increase, our volume increases dramatically in proportion to our size, and the cross section of our muscles and bones becomes square.

Let’s say your height is 20 meters, which is 10 times the height of a person who is 2 meters tall – and your body would have to withstand 100 times more volume.

A cubic inch of bone can support 8600 kilograms of load, which is a lot, but with a height of 180 meters and a person weighing up to 63 kilograms, it must withstand much more than 250,047 kilograms.


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