Who owns the most underwater internet cables in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — The Wall Street Journal reported that just four companies – Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft – own 66% of submarine transcontinental cables.

They have greatly increased their share since 2012. Then these companies owned less than 10%.

The fact is that in 2020 Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft spent more than $90 billion on underwater communications.

Due to the entry of these companies into this market, the profits of traditional players such as NEC, ASN and Subcom fell.

At the same time, the cost of data transmission across the ocean has decreased.

The price dropped even for the competitors of these four American companies. In addition, the throughput of cables has increased by 41%.

Analysts believe that in 2024, Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft will become the owners of more than 30 submarine cables with a length of 1600 km each. They will connect all the continents of the world.


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