Who lived on Earth before the dinosaurs

(ORDO NEWS) — Surely, when you mention dinosaurs, you have many questions related to these creatures. But did life exist before dinosaurs? And why are they still dead?

Paleontologists today already know quite a lot about dinosaurs. These animals roamed the Earth approximately 230–66 million years ago.

It is believed that these creatures became extinct because of the asteroid. Recent studies indicate that it fell off the coast of present-day Mexico approximately 66 million years ago. Because of this impact, a crater was formed near the Yucatan Peninsula, the diameter of which is 150 km, the depth is 20 km. The fall of the asteroid led to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and because of this, dinosaurs and almost 2/3 of the entire flora and fauna on the planet died.

Before the advent of dinosaurs, there were reptiles that were much smaller than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. These animals are known as dinosauromorphs. They were about the size of domestic cats and lived about 242-244 million years ago.


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