WHO knows exactly which way COVID-19 is heading

(ORDO NEWS) — But also does not forget about other scenarios.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the head of the technical group of the WHO Emergency Diseases Unit, said that COVID-19 is gradually becoming endemic.

So far, this has not completely happened, but, according to Kerkhove, WHO is considering other options for the development of the situation.

According to Maria, the coronavirus is on the way to becoming endemic. But so far not everything is so simple.

We are in the very middle of this pandemic, and the level of spread, its intensity, as well as the level of influence of new infections on key medical services, the level of hospitalization, are very significant … but we have not yet come to this (endemicity)

Maria Van Kerkhove
Team Leader, WHO Emergency Diseases Unit
Recall that endemic diseases are diseases that are characteristic of a particular area and are constantly present in the human community.
The specialist clarified that WHO is taking into account different scenarios for the development of the situation around COVID-19.
In her opinion, it’s all about the element of unpredictability, citing the example of influenza, which is a typical seasonal illness that can be predicted.


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