Who is the girl monster Momo, who scares when calling a WhatsApp number

(ORDO NEWS) — The Internet has a new reason for hype. His name is Momo. This is a scary lady from WhatsApp, whom everyone is afraid to write and call. But why does she have such a creepy reputation and what can she do?

Everyone and everyone is trying to ride the wave of hype due to the wild popularity of this monster in order to cut down free traffic and earn money. Accordingly, all sorts of content is created with clickbait headings like “Momo came to me at night” and “Momo is already there.”

What is Momo

Momo is a monster who writes threats in messengers and intimidates people. He chooses a victim, after that he reports that he knows everything about the person and his environment. If you save the number from which the message was written or the call was made, then in the photo you could see what this monster looks like. It was believed that the terrible Momo is an analogue of a game in which children were forced to perform various tasks, which in turn lead to suicide

There is information that in Argentina, a twelve-year-old girl talked with Mom and then committed suicide. Later, a virus called Momo reached the area familiar to us and was even seen in the popular Minecraft game.

Video bloggers recorded many videos in which Momo’s summoning rituals were filmed. It is impossible to treat such rituals as a joke, because the children’s psyche is unstable, and games with threats are not the best form of entertainment.
The editors of the site are an ardent opponent of games that are harmful to children. Dear parents, keep an eye on the interests of your children! Give them all your attention and share their hobbies. In this case, the psyche of the child will be in order.

Version one

The German writer Michael Ende in 1972 published a book about the girl Momo, who talked to people and thus returned to them the time stolen by the “gray gentlemen”. They distracted people with routine and made their life gray and boring.

Version two

According to another version, Momo is a character of an urban legend, the prototype of which was a creature from Japanese folklore Ubume. This is the spirit of a pregnant woman, whose lower body is wrapped in a bloody cloth. It is believed that she died during childbirth, and the fetus remained in the womb.

The first mention of this character dates back to the twelfth century. The Japanese believed that any woman who died during childbirth could turn into Ubume. To avoid this, the dead fetus was removed from the body of a woman, and a doll was placed in the grave with her: she was supposed to replace the mother of the unborn child and calm her soul.

Many other legends have developed around the image of Momo. Some believe that this is a good spirit that protects children; others are of the opposite opinion. However, most of all conjectures are caused by the main question related to the Internet Momo – what is it and whether it exists in real life. We will consider the main versions below.

Momo – Japanese mythology

According to the existing legend, Momo is a pregnant girl who died during childbirth due to grief over an unborn child. She turned into a ghost and began to take care of other children. The legend of Momo has nothing to do with Japanese philosophy, but there are opinions that the monster originated from two spirits. Ubume is a yokai spirit that looks like an adult pregnant woman, stripped to the waist. She is wrapped in a cloth smeared with blood and asks for help from people to hold her child. There is a legend about a bird woman who poisons clothes hung out on the street.

History of appearance

A monster named Momo itself gets in touch with people. It offers to play and says that it knows everything about the personality of the person it is calling. Many, having learned about this monster, want to know what Momo looks like. In messengers, most often only the face of the entity is visible, but almost no one has seen it in full growth.

For the first time, the appearance of the monster was registered on the social network Facebook. The guy received a message asking for help. It also included a Japanese phone number to be dialed into WhatsApp. When the young man called him, a terrible monster appeared in response. He looked like a girl with big eyes, a huge mouth that looked more like a beak.

Where did the image of Momo actually come from. The image is taken from a sculpture that is in a gallery in Tokyo. The sculpture is called “Mother Bird” and was made for special effects by a company that creates similar characters for horror films. In the original photo, you can see that the sculpture consists of a head, bird paws and chest, and its growth is small.

Momo’s first number is currently blocked, however, this is a monster that cannot disappear. At the moment, this virus is just beginning to spread in Russia and Ukraine, so you need to control your messengers and monitor who the children communicate with.

Who is hiding under Momo’s mask?

The cyber police became interested in a strange virtual game, but it has not yet been possible to determine exactly who is hiding behind it. There is an assumption that this is a group of hackers from Japan. If a person replies to a message from the Monster, then the virus enters the phone and reads personal information about the user. Momo is a Japanese hacker, or even a bot that receives data from a SIM card and penetrates into the memory of a smartphone. To confirm this, an experiment was carried out for which a new phone with a SIM card was taken, and Momo was unable to identify.

1 momo

Momo is the new Blue Whale

In Argentina, Momo is associated with the death of a 12-year-old girl who corresponded with her. Some media began to write that Momo gives teenagers dangerous tasks: for example, go down to a dark basement or put a knife to the throat. Because of this, Momo began to be compared with the Russian game “Blue Whale”.

Momo is a hacker virus

Experts have a version that Momo is not a person, but a bot program written to collect information fraudulently. So it really poses a threat, only this threat is a hacker one.

Does Momo exist?

There is a legend that says that Momo is a girl who died in childbirth. Due to grief over the lost child, she turned into a ghost and began to watch over other children. Momo has nothing to do with the mythology of Japan, but there is an opinion that the monster came from Ubume – the spirit-ekai. He looked like a pregnant girl, who was naked to the waist, and underneath was wrapped in a cloth stained with blood. She moved among people and asked them for help to take her child in her arms.

And another version, Momo is a bird woman. It poisons the clothes that people leave on the street.

The question of where Momo lives is not to be taken seriously. It should be understood that this is just a viral game. Its main goal is to have a psychological impact, most often on children. It is the children who show interest in such games, they look for Momo’s number in whatsapp, and after that they suffer from obsessive communication. Any person can have a virus among contacts, therefore, it is better to take care of an antivirus.

Why is the correspondence with Momo so scary? First of all, the monster knows the native language of the interlocutor. Secondly, all personal information is known. But if you approach this communication with sound logic, then all the necessary information can be found on social networks. You can chat with Momo, but the monster rarely answers calls. If this happened, then the screen was only black, and frightening sounds were heard in the background. This is the meaning of the game.

What does Momo look like?

There are many photos of the monster on the Internet. On them he is in full growth, sometimes there are even photos of people who look like Momo. Those who have been able to contact Momo claim to have seen the face. In one case, this is a face with a large twisted mouth, in the other, the lips had a normal appearance, but the eyes were always bulging. There were videos where Momo sang a song, and in some cases she even appeared with a knife.

However, let’s see how the scary Momo actually appeared? Yet she has a connection with Japan. In fact, the image in the photo is just a sculpture. It was created by Link Factory. This is a company that develops and creates similar sculptures for exhibitions, filming horror and advertising. If you go to the website of this company, you can see that they focus on designing yokai.

Momo was created as a director of the company. She is a woman, more precisely, only her head and part of her chest, Momo stands on two chicken legs. Two mythical creatures were taken as the basis – Ubume Tori and Ubume. Maybe that’s why she looks so much like them.

What does Momo look like in full growth

The network has a fairly large number of photos of the Momo character in full growth, with one face, or even people very similar to this creature. Eyewitnesses claim to have interacted with the monster, which only partially resembled a full-length sculpture. For example, some were addressed by a face on which the lips were of the usual size, but the eyes were still bulging. Momo’s appeals to users are also different. In one saved video, you can find that the monster sings a cheerful song in Latin American. He appears to someone, threatening with a knife.

And yet, all eyewitnesses of this incomprehensible creature are united by one thing – fear. If you read their reviews, you can see that they urge you not to get in touch with him in any case. Don’t expect anything good from this. Teenagers easily fall for his tricks. Some people think it’s fun, and they themselves are looking for connections with Momo (examples of correspondence with Momo).

In Russia, under the guise of a monster, ordinary pranksters are hiding, who play tricks on their friends. But some argue that it is also in Russia (Russian Momo numbers). Not a single accident was recorded in the country. Rumors and stories on the net will exist on the net for some time, because this terrible trend is used by most bloggers. In order to chain onlookers to computer screens, they specially create videos in which a monster allegedly calls them, threatens their lives, and also writes scary messages. If you see the monster Momo in full growth in Whatsapp, he does not seem so scary. He looks more like a ridiculous crow than a terrible creature.

How to summon Momo

There are several ways to write Momo. To do this, you can use instant messengers, social networks and even special rituals. Let’s consider all the possibilities.

Communication in WhatsApp

As already mentioned, the first Momo number was registered under the Japan code. It was noticed that people do not always deliberately look for a monster, he himself appears in their contacts. After that, he began to write frightening messages. Finding the monster will not be a problem, the virus spreads quickly to include a large number of people in the game.

Momo’s last registered Whatsapp number that answers: +7 922 145-54-01. He was seen by a user of one of the operators. To start communication, just save the number in your contacts and it will appear on the user with a Momo photo.

How to write in viber

Momo’s real number is also available in Viber. The principle of operation is the same as in WhatsApp, before communicating, the number should be saved. Please note that each new number is quickly blocked. Momo’s last real number in Russia: +7 937 784-42-97.

Other recent numbers include these:

+86 171 8775 2659;

Momo Challenge Features

Before performing the ritual of summoning Momo, make sure that you have a strong psyche, do not be afraid of the slightest rustle, and complete the ritual of summoning the spirit. If you don’t complete the procedure correctly, Momo won’t be able to go home and will haunt you until you let her go.

The ritual of summoning Momo should be performed under the following conditions:

  • Perform a call to Momo in a deserted place, away from people.
  • Call Momo with your friend or girlfriend;
  • Dress in simple, comfortable clothing. Clothing should not hamper your movements in any way;
  • Before calling, draw a magic protective circle with a diameter of approximately 2.5 meters with chalk. He will protect you from the ghost;

While drawing a circle, repeat three times:

“I create this circle to protect myself from all evil…”

After the circle is drawn, proceed to the procedure for calling Momo.

How to summon Momo

After these tips have been implemented by you, stand with your friend (girlfriend) in a circle, and say loudly and clearly:

“I conjure you with the power of the elements, Momo come to me! Momo, come on! Momo, come on! Momo, come!”

Repeat this spell three times and wait for Momo to appear. A ghost can make itself felt by sound, the appearance of a visual object, and so on. If Momo appears, ask her a question that interests you, but do not expect a detailed answer. Your question should be such that Momo can answer “Yes” or “No”.

To make it easier for Momo to communicate with you, it is recommended to take two pieces of paper, write “Yes” on one, and “No” on the other. Attach each piece of paper to your pencil to make a checkbox with “Yes” and a checkbox with “No” and fix them side by side. After speaking your question, look at the flags. Which one to move – that was Momo’s answer to your question.

After the task of all the questions, be sure to release Momo. To do this, thank her for coming, and then say loudly and clearly three times: “Momo, go back to where you came from.”.

If Momo didn’t come

Momo doesn’t always come. Many people know how to call the monster Momo, they try to do it, but she cannot answer everyone. If it did not appear after your call, try again after a while. Momo knows that you are calling her, and she will definitely visit you. After all, who knocks, they open it.

Also write to Momo on the most famous phone numbers:

+81345102539 (Japan);
+5226681734379 (Colombia);
+573135292569 (Mexico)

And ask her to come to you. Perhaps Momo will answer you.

How to find Momo in VK

As we indicated earlier, the official version of the robot for VK has not been released. Instead, there are a lot of user pages and communities where communication with subscribers is conducted through bots. Finding such groups is quite simple: use the search bar in your browser or through the social network search engine.

How to find Momo in Telegram

The case of adding a bot through the encrypted messenger Telegram has become more frequent. Official contacts for adding to the list of friends on the Internet have not been published. It will be possible to contact the “terrifying doll” only if she writes to you herself.

Features of communication Momo

When communicating, Momo first responds with the first phrase in Japanese (hieroglyphs), later switching to the language of the interlocutor (using an online translator). Communication is usually based on a few formulaic phrases from Momo (“you’re going to die”, “I know everything about you”, “you don’t have much time”, etc.), with posting various gloomy photos and videos into the chat window.

And if such techniques are unlikely to work with an adult, then such communication can have a strong negative effect on children and adolescents. Adolescents become stressed, depressed, have suicidal thoughts and desire to harm themselves. Having studied the influence of the “Momo game”, the police in many countries of the world do not recommend users to add accounts with Momo’s avatar to their contact list.

What can Momo do?

If we consider the possibilities of the original solution, they are limited solely to the functionality of WhatsAPP or another messenger. From this it follows that the robot can:

  • be added to the contact list;
  • send you a message or video message;
  • receive and analyze response messages.

Third-party projects expand the basic capabilities. However, it is worth remembering about the security risk of your device.

How to protect yourself?

If you do not want to have anything to do with Momo, just ignore the application to the contact list and not respond to system messages. The basic algorithm is designed so that if ignored, the robot stops chatting with you. If you started to receive direct threats and provocations, they are nothing, they are just prepared phrases.


Information began to spread on the Internet about suicides that could have been committed as a result of communication with the “virus”. This fact was established by qualified doctors, however, there were no official charges. Potential victims are teenagers under the age of 14. They saw that your child began to behave strangely or saw strange correspondence on his phone – contact the doctor, where you can get qualified help.

What to do if Momo texted you

Having figured out who invented Momo, and having familiarized ourselves with other information, we will reveal a brief instruction if this contact is on our list:

  • do not want to communicate – just block this number and do not answer its number;
  • since most users prefer to answer and get acquainted with the capabilities of the service on their own, do not send personal data, confidential information and third-party contacts that can be used by intruders;
  • do not install third party software;
  • do not take provocations and threats seriously – these are prepared messages

Momo’s real number in Russia, which answers

There are hundreds of Russian numbers known that own the nickname and avatar of the terrifying challenge. This makes it difficult to understand the situation, which ones are genuine and which ones belong to copycats, hungry for thrill and fame. Every day the number of numbers increases by dozens. Other messengers and phones became involved:

+44 7781 531987;
+57 3135292569;
+7 922145-54-01;
+7 937784-42-97;
+7 928195-60-67;
+38098575 6937;

Most social media users are sure that the chicken woman is a creature from Japanese mythology. Among all the chats, it is difficult to find original ones and prove the involvement of a virtual demoness in real tragedies.

Is it dangerous to call and write on WhatsApp Momo?

In 2018, world-famous information publications (The Sun, Daily Mail) began to actively disseminate information about the dangers of virtual communication with a chicken woman. More and more child suicides are associated with her, starting with the mentioned Spanish girl. But the police still have not been able to prove the real connection of the terrible incidents with the Japanese legend.

Examples of teenagers chatting with Momo and screenshots from Whatsapp

Below we invite the reader to evaluate the screenshots from WhatsApp, taken from the correspondence of users with Momo. Please note that some of Momo’s phrases give out teenagers sitting behind such an account, playing their friends and acquaintances in this way.

Terrible correspondence with Momo

Momo actively imposes a dangerous game in which children must complete tasks like this:

  • walk along an unlit street;
  • walk along the edge of the roof;
  • put the blade on the vein.

The online game is based on provocation, blackmail, the desire to get an adrenaline rush, to prove one’s ambitions – that’s what attracts teenagers. This draws an analogy with the tragedies that happened in Russia four years ago as a result of the popularization of the Blue Whale game, but it is impossible to prove a real connection. This is written by the user imJayStation, who posted his video showing screenshots of the chat with the challenge. In the finale, a terrible woman promises the death of the blogger and viewers if he still has few subscriptions on the YouTube channel.


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