WHO head says pandemic may end in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) —  WHO gives an optimistic forecast for 2022. And the thing is that the likelihood of the end of the pandemic has finally become more than real. This was stated by Tedros Adhanom Gebreisus (head of the organization). A global vaccination will help stop the disease. The number of cases in the world is decreasing daily, as is the number of deaths from coronavirus.

What is the situation with COVID-19 in the world today?

WHO statistics show that today around the world there are almost 300 million cases of a dangerous virus. Nearly five and a half million people have died due to complications from COVID-19.

Vaccinations have helped to reduce the number of new infections as well as the number of deaths. But there are some factors that prevent you from completely overcoming the virus. So the head of WHO raised the issue of such phenomena as “narrow nationalism” and “accumulation of vaccines.”

Developed countries are stockpiling drugs for immunization. The fact is that there they are kept “for the rich”. But for the unprotected versts of the population, for some reason they are reluctant to work. Narrow nationalism concerns ethnic groups in different countries, which are significantly diminished in rights.

In countries where policies and attitudes towards global immunization are largely negative, conditions are ideal for the spread of a new variant of the virus. It’s about Omicron. Gebreyesus calls on countries to unite in the fight to save humanity.

If in 2022 the number of vaccinated people exceeds 70%, then the pandemic will be defeated. Today, more than 9 billion injections of various drugs have been made, which means that the planet is 49% vaccinated. The following countries are the leaders in the number of vaccinated citizens:

  • China (2 billion 796 million vaccines made);
  •  India (1 billion 435 million vaccines);
  • USA (56 million 313 thousand vaccines).

The UN also believes in this prediction, but makes less optimistic comments. They say that this is not the last pandemic, the world still faces many dangers. However, experts hope that humanity will learn the bitter experience after COVID-19.

Earlier we wrote that the first cases of infection with both Omicron and Delta were recorded. In northern Spain, experts recorded the simultaneous infection of two strains of coronavirus at once – Omicron and Delta. Because of such situations, new mutations of the virus, dangerous for humanity, may soon appear.

And also recall that the pulmonologist told how to quickly restore the lungs after COVID-19. Recovering from coronavirus, as shown by numerous statistics, takes a very long time. Some people still experience symptoms of the disease even after a year of recovery. To date, there is no special drug that would make it possible to quickly restore the lungs affected by the coronavirus, but breathing exercises can achieve a very good effect.


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