WHO: covid-19 may never leave

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The World Health Organization warned that the coronavirus “may never go away,” and its experts predicted an impending global mental health crisis that would trigger a pandemic.

On Wednesday, WHO advised abstaining from forecasts of the duration of the coronavirus epidemic and called for “massive efforts” to overcome it.

“It is important to clearly say: this virus can become another endemic virus in our society. He may never leave, ”said WHO Director of Emergency Situations Michael Ryan.

“I think you can’t make promises and set dates here. This disease may turn into a long-term problem, or it may not turn out, ”he noted.

The WHO Department of Mental Health sent a report to the United Nations warning of another impending crisis. “Isolation, fear, uncertainty, economic turmoil can all cause psychological stress,” said department director Devora Kestel. According to her, the growth of severe mental disorders is possible in the world, including among children, youth and health workers.

“The crisis has adversely affected the mental health and well-being of entire societies, and this problem must be urgently addressed,” Kestel emphasized.

At the moment, Russia has taken the second place in the world in the number of coronavirus infected, of which there are 242,271 people in this country. It lags only from the United States, where about 1.4 million are infected. The official death rate from covid-19 in Russia is 2,212 people, although in April authorities attributed the death of 60% of those infected with coronavirus to completely different reasons. Russian Health Minister Tatyana Golikova ( as in the text – approx. Transl. ) Denies that the statistics were falsified.

In the US, President Donald Trump said that the warnings of his chief infectious disease expert about the risks of prematurely lifting restrictions are “unacceptable.”

Trump said he was “surprised” by Anthony Fauci’s warnings that schools should not be opened too early and economic activity should resume.

“For me, this is an unacceptable answer, especially for schools,” Trump said. – Our country should return to normal life, and return as soon as possible. But I don’t think it’s normal when schools are closed. ” He further noted that the only acceptable retreat is if teachers and teachers of a “certain age” do not conduct classes.

Disagreements between Trump and Fauci intensified amid sobering warnings about the economy. Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell has warned of a “much more serious recession” in the US than all the recessions that have occurred in the country since World War II. He predicted record unemployment and worsening the situation in the future.

“Ahead of us is huge uncertainty and significant risks of slowing growth,” said Powell, speaking in an online broadcast. He rejected Trump’s proposal to introduce negative discount rates to facilitate recovery.

Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cautioned that waiting too long and refusing to resume the work of the economy posed a risk of serious economic damage and could “negatively affect people’s health.”

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has reached almost 4.36 million people, and the number of deaths is approaching 300,000.

In South Korea, 24,000 people have been tested for the virus due to congestion in Seoul’s nightclubs. According to the mayor, bars and entertainment venues were closed in the capital. The number of cases due to congestion increased to 120.

Japan on Thursday was supposed to lift the state of emergency in 39 of the 47 prefectures, local media reported. But in the capital of Tokyo, the restrictions will be maintained until there is convincing evidence that the virus was controlled.

This country escaped the explosive increase in incidence that occurred elsewhere, but the number of tests conducted in Japan is one of the lowest in the world, amounting to 188 tests per 100,000 people. In Italy, this figure is 3,159, and in Germany 3,044. In the affected Tokyo, 50,000 tests have been done the most today, and 5,000 of them gave a positive result. Hospitals are still crowded, and so the state of emergency in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures will continue.

Brazil recorded a record number of new coronavirus infections on Wednesday. By this indicator, she was ahead of France and came in sixth in the world. Due to illness, the Brazilian economy has faced the worst situation since at least 1900.

Over the past day, authorities confirmed 11,385 new cases of the disease. Thus, the total number of covid-19 patients since the start of the epidemic has reached 188,974. On Wednesday morning, France revised its numbers for confirmed and suspected cases of infection, reducing them by 0.3% to 177,700.

Other pandemic related events:

– China reported three new cases of covid-19. All of them were infected within the country. There are no new deaths and unconfirmed cases.

– Asian stock markets did not respond well to statements by Powell and WHO, as well as concerns about a new wave of infection. Japan’s Nikkei index fell 0.7%, while indices in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and China fell 1%. However, Australia reported that its unemployment rate is 6.2%, which is below forecasts.

– According to a study published on Wednesday by the Spanish government, only 5% of the country’s population became infected with the new coronavirus, although in Madrid and the central regions this figure is over 10%.

– South Africa at the end of the month will go on to further weaken the national self-isolation regime in connection with the coronavirus, because the number of confirmed cases of the disease there hardly exceeds 12,000. This was announced on Wednesday by President Cyril Ramaphosa. On the same day, the first sick covid-19 appeared in the landlocked African country of Lesotho, which was the last state on the continent where the pandemic had not yet made its way.

– The Minister of Finance of New Zealand announced the creation of a fund worth 50 million New Zealand dollars, the purpose of which is to maintain jobs for the next four years.

“According to Hong Kong media reports, hundreds of families will be checked there, because after a 23-day break, covid-19 was diagnosed with a 66-year-old resident of the city who did not go anywhere, as well as her five-year-old granddaughter. According to media reports, other members of this family also have symptoms.


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