Who are Succubi and why men should run away from them

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Middle Ages, a lot of attention in society was paid to the observance of religious traditions, the purity of the soul. This led to some distortions. It is difficult to get people to voluntarily subject themselves to restrictions. A man leaves for a monastery, for example. He has to give up all his life from natural desires and needs. Inevitably, you will see erotic dreams. In them, as a rule, a succubus appears. This is a beautiful naked woman with wings on her back. So, in any case, the demon is described in medieval literature. But he only looks like a woman. But in fact, a succubus is the embodiment of the devil. His goal is to take possession of the life energy of the one to whom he appears. Any pronoun is quite appropriate here. After all, the devil is sexless. Rather, he can become both a man and a woman at will. The devil came to the monks in a female guise, as it is written in old books. I visited their sisters in faith in the form of a beautiful man.

How does a succubus work?

It is only in legends that everything ends with the victory of good over evil. In real life (especially medieval), everything was much worse. The demon succubus comes when a man does not have the strength to resist, he is weakened by his own passions. From legends it is known that this creature appears in the silence and loneliness of the night. And this is the time of secret passions and hot dreams. The lecherous demons from medieval legends, as the legends say, read the fantasies of their victim. They take on the most pleasant appearance for this person, become the embodiment of his secret, at times, most unknown, unconscious desires. The essence acts very subtly. She copies the behavior and manners pleasing to the victim, not only her appearance. This is a very dangerous seductress. Few manage to escape from the tenacious claws of the demon. After all, you have to fight your own thirst for spirit and body.

What is the power of a demon?

In fact, when the demoness of lust appears, it is not yet a danger. She receives strength only after sexual intercourse. While the process of seduction is going on, it can still be defeated. And such, as described by medieval authors, some worthy representatives of the male genus succeeded. It is believed that you need to have earnest faith in God, willpower and perseverance in order not to succumb to temptation. Probably, nowadays such people are few. After all, we live in a world where people are allowed much more, and the concept of sin is vague. A succubus seduces its victim. For this, the entity spares no effort. It is important for her to get the first contact. After the victim falls into complete dependence on the demoness. A person is deprived of his will. He is completely subordinate to the devilish essence. If you look at his aura, it turns out that it is all affected by dark spots corresponding to diseases and troubles. And the size of the field is constantly decreasing. Although the victim will not die right away. The demoness will support her powers until she fully embodies her own goals. It is worth noting here that a succubus may well begin to seduce a woman. There are no prohibitions in our world. Consequently, the other side of the world is also devoid of them.

Is it bad?

Someone will say that many lovers are no different from succubus victims. This is not true. It is one thing to be afraid of the loss of a dear human being, another is to fall into slavery to a demon. This creature is devoid of the usual logic, kindness or compassion. He has completely different goals and objectives. It squeezes out the victim’s soul to the very last drop. You know that a person has several bodies. We perceive and see only the physical. It just doesn’t interest the succubus. It is important for him to take possession of all the others, called the soul. An immortal part of our personality, according to the Holy Scriptures. This leads to the complete destruction of a person. They used to believe that even death is better than such a punishment. Now people have a different attitude to themselves and to the soul, and to immortality too.

Should I summon a demoness?

How to meet a magical dream (this is how some imagine a succubus)? There are special methods described in old treatises. We will not touch them. Indeed, instead of a complex ritual, you can take just a few simple steps. Imagine the conditions in which people lived before. The lecherous demons from medieval legends did not come to everyone. They chose a victim for themselves, consumed by passions, overwhelmed by secret, lustful desires. They also satisfied them. To meet a demoness, simply create the same conditions for yourself. She will certainly burst into your dreams, and then into life. But is it worth doing? Decide for yourself, armed with the idea that you can lose more at the end of the story than you realize now.

What happens to the victim

Surely the reasoning that the demon takes out the soul is not taken very seriously by the reader. After all, not everyone understands what it is about. Well, there is some kind of soul there. Who saw her? Fictions, and nothing more. Those who happened to fall under the influence of the demoness will not agree with such reasoning. Describe that a person becomes a real madman. He is no longer interested in ordinary human joys. It is especially scary when a guy in love gets into such a situation. Succubus venom is worse than corruption or curse. It changes the worldview, thoughts, kills feelings. The victim becomes selfish and greedy. She has only one obsessive desire – again to be next to her enslaver. He becomes rude, inattentive, cruel. Communicating with such a person is a real punishment. And you can’t envy him himself. After all, the demon is not just soothing his body. The succubus makes him do a lot of disgusting things, including crimes. At the same time, the victim herself understands that she is sinking deeper into sin, but has no opportunity to resist.

Why are demons getting stronger?

Probably, those prophets who spoke about “the end times” are right. Our world is blacker than medieval, although we do not notice it. Take the book Dreams of a Succubus, for example. A wonderful piece, written in the style of fantasy. But it only looks like entertaining reading material. Its purpose is to push everyone who comes into contact with it to the passions. After watching a film based on the book, young people begin to dream of their own demoness, not realizing the riskiness of this fantasy. This is another front of the great war of light and darkness that is taking place on the planet. And, by the way, there are more and more devil supporters. He is cunning and dangerous. Beckons weak people with their own dreams. But to succumb to it is to lose the only opportunity to get real happiness on earth! Although there are people choosing an artificial, fictional world. Should we condemn them?

Succubus look

The appearance of succubi in different sources differs, but there are some common features. Most often, these demons appeared before people in the form of attractive women. Sometimes the authors of medieval texts say that succubi had webbed wings behind their backs, but, as it seems to me, this is only an artistic detail that emphasizes the demonic origin of creatures.

Despite their beautiful appearance, succubi were distinguished by their cunning, cruel and insidious disposition. Men, before whom the demonesses appeared, they incited to debauchery, drunkenness, committing atrocities.

Scripture speaks of two types of demons – incubi and succubus. The former represented the male version of dissolute demons, the latter combined feminine charm and the desire to destroy the human soul. It should be noted that in front of a purely soul, a sincerely believing person with bright thoughts, these demons are powerless, since faith and purity are the main weapons against them.

Succubus – Death Charm

Researchers often draw a parallel between the succubi and Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who is known from Jewish legends. There is even a version that the children of Lilith and the devil became succubi, but there is a hypothesis that these creatures could have been spawned by fauns and nymphs.

Succubi easily charmed mortal men with their unearthly beauty. The demons were forced to meet people by the need to conceive a child from a human – in order to prolong their lineage. However, maternal instincts did not always lead succubi. In ancient demonological treatises, medieval authors emphasize that the energy of a living person is a source of strength for incubi or succubi.

They eat it, but they constantly need new “portions”. That is why the person whom the succubus has chosen as his victim is unlikely to be able to get rid of the demoness, succumbing to his own weaknesses. As I have already noted, cunning is peculiar to succubi. They can take on the appearance of any person, and therefore they know perfectly well what ideal a man dreams of seeing next to him. This is how, reading secret thoughts and desires, succubi make the most incredible dreams come true. It is necessary to pay for the pleasure received by forces that gradually leave the young body, and subsequently – with life.

Succubus girl

Succubi are interesting mythical creatures created by the imagination of people. The flowering of faith in them falls on the Middle Ages, when in the understanding of man there was a clear division into good and evil, light and darkness. Despite all the dark aspects, succubi attract attention to themselves.

It is not surprising that these creatures appear quite often in modern cinema and literature. An example are episodes of the series “Charmed,“ Supernatural ”, works by Dmitry Yemets, Kira Stelnikova, Andrey Belyanin.

Succubus in history and today

The modern world rarely believes in succubi and incubi (male demons who seduce women). Psychiatrists believe that such myths went into the period of the highest flourishing of the church, which called for total abstinence and sex was considered a terrible sin, dirt, possible only for procreation, and getting pleasure from the process was unnatural. This approach to suppressing their instincts, especially among those who were engaged in this, so to speak, professionally, namely, priests, caused vivid hallucinations. It is curious that monks with nuns, priests of different classes suffered from the visits of succubi and incubi, but for some reason the common people of the demons were of little interest to them.

In Russia, neither in the pre-Christian era, nor with its arrival, demons of this kind were not known. The only thing that comes to mind is the myth of the Fire Serpent, who visited women widows or simply yearning very much for a husband who is away. He came to them in the guise of a loved one at night, as a result, such a woman died. It is difficult to call it an incubus, since everything here is not about sex, but about the feeling of longing for a close and dear person.

Some call the first succubus Lilith – the first wife of Adam. She had a nasty and capricious character, Adam did not get along with her and Lilith was expelled from paradise. The devil helped her, who took her as a wife and she became the mother of all demons. Her character has not improved, sometimes she herself wanders the earth, seducing men and depriving them of their strength, and women are threatened with meeting her with infertility and various diseases. It is curious that the Greeks called the succubus Lamia – a woman of the snake, and the Sumerians called it Lilitu.

The danger of the succubus to humans

Most often, the succubus will come to its victim until the whipping, will not drink all its energy, and the man will not die. Therefore, it is sometimes said that a succubus is a vampire, or rather one of the varieties. A man cannot resist a seductress, and the pleasure that she gives him overshadows all dangers.

It so happens that a succubus throws its victim, anyway, a man does not live after that for a long time. Longing for the demoness “eats” him and usually such poor fellows commit suicide. If he tries to live on, he cannot start a family, have children – memories of a seductress from the other world haunt him.

It is believed that a demoness can give birth to a child from an ordinary man and he will have supernatural powers. Then she can throw it to his father and the life of such a person turns into a real hell, literally, like in the movie “The Omen”. Such children are extremely cruel, like evil jokes, very jealous – in general, nothing but troubles from raising such a child is impossible to get.

What are succubi

Demonologists of the past believed that a succubus could be superior and inferior, or ordinary. The Supreme can control ordinary demons and demons, the arsenal of his nasty things is very wide. Such a succubus is extremely dangerous for both men and women. He is jealous and will not tolerate a rival next to his victim.

Lower demons are only capable of seducing their victim. But, they can be summoned through a special ritual. Summoning the demon of lust is quite dangerous and, for all the capriciousness, he may not appear at all. In addition, if a man does not attract the demon’s attention, then he can simply be killed without giving in return any pleasure that the summoner expects.

To summon a succubus, you need to guess a fast day, and before that, you must avoid sexual contact for a long period of time so that the demoness feels the desire of a man. The call itself took place at night: before going to bed, they left a mirror and a lighted candle on the bedside table. They invented a dialect for the challenge themselves, called the succubus and asked to appear. You cannot order a capricious creature, only ask. It was believed that the best thing to call the first demoness was Lilith: she herself would not appear, so she would send someone in return.

It should be remembered that it is almost impossible to expel a succubus. Demon women are not afraid of incense and holy water, because they themselves willingly go to temples and seduce priests. The only way that was found to be effective was to keep your desires in check.

If you do not succumb to the charms of the succubus, which is almost impossible, then sooner or later the demon becomes not interested in the person. Love can also save, and mutual, for an ordinary woman. Although the highest demon is not a hindrance.


These demons are masculine and visit women. The Incubus were especially fond of visiting nuns in monasteries, leading them to the extreme excitement of the flesh. To seduce a woman who fully dedicated herself to God was the direct goal of these infernal beings. They are not interested in sinners: they are attracted by pure blameless souls.

To seduce a woman, the incubus took on the image of a handsome young man of athletic build, whose charm is impossible to resist. It was necessary to have trained willpower in order not to fall into temptation. Some nuns in the Middle Ages could simply go crazy after visiting incubi.

In Slavic mythology, there is also a description of the incubus, which took the form of a fiery serpent. These creatures visited widows and married women who were mistreated by their husbands. After visiting the incubus, the women felt a lack of energy and were completely depressed. But they had neither the strength nor the desire to resist the infernal essence.

On a note! In the Middle Ages, for the connection with the incubus, the death penalty was imposed by hanging, as this was regarded as bestiality.

Nowadays, women have changed their attitude towards infernal beings and are striving for contact with them. To do this, they perform various call rituals, deprive themselves of sexual contacts with real men. Interest in incubi has become widespread.

Purpose of the visit

These infernal beings have a specific purpose – to plunge the soul of a person into sin through temptation and to be saturated with his energy. If in the process of intimate contact a person woke up, the demons continued their work – violence. There is a version that through contact with a person, demons can feel emotions that are inaccessible to them.

Psychologists believe that visiting incubi and succubi is the result of a person’s erotic fantasies. In fact, there are no demonic entities, representatives of psychiatry are sure. Erotic arousal of a person attracts certain images from the collective unconscious, which reflect the object of desires – a man or a woman. Therefore, the attacks of infernal beings occur in an unconscious state when there is no mind control.

Why do erotic fantasies take on an infernal image? Because subconsciously, a person feels his fantasies and desires as sinful.

Summon the demon of lust

There are two ways to establish contact with an infernal being:

  • through emotions;
  • with the help of a magical rite.

The emotional method is to put yourself in an extremely agitated state, but without the expected release. This can be achieved by watching porn movies or visualizing an attractive woman. After that, before going to bed, you need to call on the succubus in your own words, say that contact is necessary. The entity can visit the man immediately, but sometimes multiple calls are required.

The magical method consists in performing the calling ritual either independently or through the services of a practitioner – the magician binds the essence to the human biofield.

However, bioenergy warns that it is easy to summon a parasitic infernal entity, but it will be incredibly difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, before the call, it is necessary to carefully consider how necessary such a visit is.

Succubus (incubus) feeds on human sexual energy, which is 30% of the total energy balance. After pumping out sexual energy, the body begins to recover, but the restored energy is again absorbed by the succubus. As a result, the man becomes weakened, worn out and overwhelmed. Over time, he loses interest in sexual contacts with real women, as he gets less pleasure from them.

Regular communication with a succubus can lead to loss of mind, since a man constantly thinks about the visit of an infernal creature and expects this meeting more than anything else. He gradually loses interest in life, and then dies of energy exhaustion.

A constant relationship with an incubus can result in a nervous and mental breakdown, as well as suicide. If a woman decides that death will help her forever connect with an astral lover, she can lay hands on herself.

What is dangerous creature

The first danger of a succubus is that it is almost impossible to find a working way to get rid of the demoness. Once in the power of evil spirits, a person is gradually depleted morally and physically.

After nights spent with the essence, there is a total breakdown, general malaise, the mood may be bad, obsessive thoughts and images appear.

With prolonged contact, there is a risk that the succubus will completely “drink” sexual energy and vitality. This threatens with a serious and prolonged illness, infertility, impotence.

Some men, who are at the mercy of a seductive demoness, gradually go crazy. They run wild, limit communication with other people, leave the family.

The person who interacts with the child Lilith loses the opportunity to be in the church. He simply cannot cross the threshold of the temple. Crosses and icons, prayers, church music cause him to panic attacks, physical pain, fear and aggression.

The negative consequences of a voluntary call include the threat of opening a portal to the demon world. It is usually impossible to close it yourself. Other dark entities easily penetrate from the other world. Deprived of any protection, a man is a “tidbit” for the demons. Creatures can take possession of a person, steal his soul, or kill him.

How to recognize a succubus

It is not difficult to recognize a succubus in a woman if you have a clear idea of ​​what kind of essence it is. You shouldn’t place a lot of emphasis solely on appearance. It is important to monitor the behavior and the sensations that arise while communicating with the girl.

The demoness living among people is given out:

  • Constant flirting in behavior;
  • Indomitable sexual desire;
  • Readiness for any experiments in bed;
  • Having multiple sex partners;
  • The ability to always be in the spotlight, to seduce all the men around;
  • The ability to deliver incredible pleasure during lovemaking;
  • Suspicious understanding with a partner, reading his thoughts, reading hidden (not voiced) desires.

If a man suddenly becomes literally possessed by some strange girl, then there is a possibility that he fell under the witchcraft influence of evil spirits.

Basic information about the creature

Salvation from the succubus is a sincere prayer. People who fell under the influence could not cope with the glamor on their own, so they were sent to a monastery, where they brought repentance and gradually returned to normal life.

In 90% of cases, the succubus chooses a weak, psychologically broken person as its victim. Most often, a teenager, a righteous man or a widower acted in such a capacity. Succubi are most interested in those people who experience a variety of vivid feelings and emotions, experience a surge of energy activity.

A succubus woman is a demon who is the opposite of incubus – demons – men who feed on the energy of girls and women. Visually, the image of the creature is described in texts and books about succubi, as very beautiful and charming girls. They may have:

  • small horns;
  • wings;
  • the image of a bat;
  • tail.

Sometimes they come to their victims in the guise of a cat. Any myth about a succubus indicates that the creature was outwardly beautiful. The most likely meeting with a demoness will be in people who have experienced grief, stress, or are at some kind of crossroads in life – they have not found themselves, are experiencing doubts or anxieties. At this moment, the victim cannot resist, its energy is ideal for absorption.

Features of behavior

Since succubi feed on the energy of passion and lust, they need to match male desires and fantasies. For this purpose, the creatures use the opportunity of reincarnation. They can change their appearance, body type, take any guise that the chosen victim dreams of. A feature by which it is easy to identify a demon is a seductive beauty, an attractiveness that cannot be resisted. Their main desire is copulation. Violent sex for them is the purpose and meaning of existence, because through emotional outbursts one can get the energy necessary to continue life.

According to the records of demonologists, this type of otherworldly creature has powerful magic aimed at seducing men.

The succubus uses enchanting spells when he finds the perfect victim for himself. For this, a seductive image, various tricks are used, which then help to get spiritual energy. The only way to hold back the lust and resist the spell is the strong will of the person. It is important to consider that succubi can take their victims to the Demon Realm (if the man is liked). Skillful disguise allows you to hide your true essence for a long time, so the victims can remain in complete ignorance until the very moment of depletion of vitality.

Human Rebirth: Special Ability of Demon

A feature of this behavior is the fact that succubi can attack not only men, but also women. In this case, they pour special demonic energy into their victim. They also do this through sex and affection. As a result, the woman reincarnates, becomes a succubus. A similar birth of a demon occurs quickly, the victim becomes a junior succubus. Don’t shy away from reincarnation and male sacrifice. If the relationship and sex with them continues for a long time, then as a result, his soul and body are also filled with demonic energy. The new incubus demon is a man with an attractive appearance, who differs from most in increased sexual desire, a significant supply of spiritual energy, he gradually transfers it to the elder succubus.

In the event that the transfer of energy occurs completely, the man loses his human appearance forever. That is why succubi and incubi are closely related and are often mentioned together in various myths and legends. As a result, the incubus begin to look for new victims for themselves. They need the energy of girls and women to support their own demonic powers and capabilities.

Incubus – a man is deprived of a choice. For him, constant sex with a succubus and selected victims becomes a priority in life. This continues until the end of his days. Without sex, the demon experiences a kind of hunger that must be satisfied as quickly as possible.

Mythology and church view

Succubus attacks a cleric

The demon succubus, the mythology of which is present in different peoples, is considered by the church as a servant of the devil. He is able to take the form of a woman in order to seduce and search the earth for sinners, the weak and apostates. That is why, in most treatises, the image of a creature is drawn similar to a witch or demoness who slowly drinks the vitality of her lovers. In some countries, a male incubus is compared to a vampire.

Ways to protect yourself from a negative creature

Great willpower is the main defense against succubus

There is no doubt that the succubus witch is dangerous to her victim. It sucks out all positive energy, leaving the person depressed and devastated. So he will be until the next meeting with the demoness. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Recommendations indicate that after discovering the presence of a creature, one should immediately go to church to confess. A negative situation also requires special preparation. In the room (bedroom), you will need to remove the mirrors. On the windows, in front of the entrance and on the walls, you need to hang crosses.

The victim’s outlook is undergoing dramatic changes. In relation to others, a person becomes rude, harsh. He is overwhelmed with negativity. The human body, mind and emotions gradually come under the control of the demon. It can force the victim to do things that would normally be considered unacceptable.

Succubus tattoo

The images of the demons of the lower world are actively exploited by tattoo artists. The image with the demon is knocked out in order to increase their own sexual energy. It is believed that the image gives the wearer confidence and inner strength.

Also, the choice of such a tattoo is intended to strengthen relationships and family life. Unusual succubus tattoo and its meaning – energy, passion, strength. Also common explanations for the symbol:

  • small horns;
  • wings;
  • the image of a bat;
  • tail.

This is how ready-made tattoos on the human body may look:

Places for application: forearm, arms, hands, back, thigh, legs. Both a woman and a man can choose an image to be applied to the body. In this case, it is indicated that a person does not strive to create long-term or strong relationships, for him the main thing is freedom. For a woman, such a symbol is an expression of violent emotionality, passion, a desire to please and seduce, to be bright and recognizable, to always strive for the center of everyone’s attention. At the same time, this symbol emphasizes inner loneliness.

Succubus in culture, art, play and entertainment

The unusual history of the succubus, the bewitching mythology and the mystery of the image give room for imagination to artists, screenwriters, and writers. The image of a demon can be seen in various works, films and animated series, games.

Also became famous legend, described by Walter Mapes in a work called “De Nugis Curialium”. It tells about Pope Sylvester II, who was young and once met a girl of amazing beauty. Her name was Meridiana. She promised Sylvester wealth and success, but on one condition – he must always be with her. As a result, after receiving consent, he first became the archbishop of Reims, then received the rank of cardinal, after which he became the archbishop of Ravenna and, finally, the pope.

Other references in art, cinema:

  • South Park (episode 303)
  • Book “Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology”
  • Gate (2009)
  • Succubus (1968)
  • Angel of the Night (1998)
  • The game “Crossroads of the worlds”
  • King’s Bounty: Crossroads of Worlds
  • Game “The Witcher: Wild Hunt”

Protection from visits

How to protect yourself from visiting infernal beings? Men can easily cope with this task if they begin to lead a correct lifestyle with one constant partner. The lack of regular sexual intercourse causes sexual fantasies in men, which are bait for infernal beings.

Also dangerous are hobbies for pornographic pictures and films, which also attract demons of lust and debauchery. An orderly sex life, sincere feelings for a partner are protection from the attack of demonic beings in a state of slumber or sleep.

How to get rid of incubus visits? The method of protection is the same as that of men: to find a permanent sexual partner and get real pleasure from intimate contacts. If a connection with an incubus becomes more attractive for a girl than with a real man, then the infernal entity will simply destroy her physically through energy depletion.

Sorcerers and succubi

Magicians conclude a contract with them precisely because of these benefits. The lunar sphere for them is a certain stage of development, where they can receive some knowledge and benefits. Better to go further later.

The interaction of sukubi with sorcerers does not bring happiness. At a minimum, they incite the master to the same debauchery, so that there are common interests. As a maximum, they drink energy from it.

Some tame them, worship them, put them in a bracelet, a ring, make allies out of them. But this is a dangerous undertaking. It’s like taming a wild animal – no matter how much you feed, it still looks into the forest.

With the correct temporal interaction with them, the magician rises from the earthly sphere of the malkut to the lunar sphere of yesod, improving his skills.

With the help of succubi, you can make love spells on passions. In some branches of the voodoo tradition, this is often practiced. But here, too, one should expect consequences. Until death.

Where do they live

They themselves love the night, at this time they are active. During the day they go to dark and damp places – attics of old houses, cellars, cemeteries. Sometimes they are found near morgues, in the wastelands, in caves, not far from water bodies, even in garbage dumps. They live close to people because they are dependent on them.

Since they bring people to debauchery, they are interested in brothels. They do not disdain any kind of energy. Sometimes they are attracted to slaughterhouses, places of execution. There they can absorb the remnants of energy after the executions. During executions, people become more agitated, from which there is a release of energy (gallows, chopping blocks, executions in arenas).

They are collected in the redistribution of old temples of Venus or lunar deities. Monasteries are sometimes visited, as mentioned. Prayers in this case are ineffective. Do not scare away.

Sometimes they hover in forests and parks where couples in love often walk. They look for a victim and go after it.


An amulet against Lilith is also suitable as a talisman. Talismans against all lunar creatures were often made of silver. The most famous is in the form of a five-pointed star with the written names of angels or God. This is a late option.

Previously, the goddess was depicted on the crescent of the moon, and on the other side, a square with certain numbers or a list of names. Such amulets were polished to a shine. In the light of the moon, they reflected light and thereby scared off succubi. They are effective at night, but they are of little help on moonless days. They do not work during the day either. It is not advisable to keep them in direct sunlight.

Also, for the purpose of protection, they use the signatures of contracts with different creatures. For example, with the archangel. The signature is placed on a silver plate and then on a bracelet. Or they put the signs of the moon goddess on the ring. The signs of the guard or the seal of the moon god are engraved on the tablet and sewn to the frontal band. This was practiced by the Sumerians. Talismans have other benefits besides protection.


Succubus and incubus are dangerous creatures that can bring benefits, give an impetus to development, give pleasure, if you agree with them correctly. However, you can pay with your life, because they only need the energy of living people to exist. Be careful and consult with the masters.


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