WHO announced real data on mortality due to coronavirus

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(ORDO NEWS) — The World Health Organization has announced the real numbers of victims of the coronavirus. She is confident that the exact number can be twice the existing indicators. Official statistics are far from the truth for many reasons. Reported by Reuters.

Two new coronaviruses discovered scientists have assessed their danger

The WHO announced the number of deaths from Covid-19, according to the data, it is 8-9 million. Samira Asmi, the specified assistant to the WHO Director General for Analytics and Evaluation of Results, said that the official death toll is extremely inaccurate.

First, it is impossible to establish the number of all patients with COVID-19. Secondly, most of the autopsies that were carried out on the deceased during the pandemic without an accurate diagnosis took place without an analysis for coronavirus.

Thirdly, some countries (mainly the third world) are not taking any measures to prevent coronavirus.

While people are sick and dying, the authorities pretend that a dangerous infection does not exist. Fourth, there are patients who die as a result of various complications from the coronavirus. It is simply impossible to record all cases.

According to statisticians, 1.5 million people died from coronavirus in America alone in 2020. In Europe, this figure is slightly lower and is equal to 1.2 million. But the real figures are much higher.


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