Who and when was the first to talk about Global Warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Engineer Guy Callendar made an innovative discovery in 1938. It immediately sparked controversy among experts about climate change.

Scientists have known for a long time that carbon dioxide can trap heat and warm the Earth. However, it was British engineer Guy Callendar who proposed that global warming is caused by human activity.

He demonstrated that over the previous 50 years the temperature on the planet had risen and noted that this could be due to the burning of fossil fuels by people in furnaces, factories, etc.

After the publication of these findings, a wave of indignation hit the engineer. Scientists did not accept this idea. However, Callendar was actually right. His concept became known as the “Callendar Effect”, and today it is the basis of the concept of global warming.

In general, the theoretical basis of what happens with global warming was developed before Callendar. However, then experts spoke about a phenomenon that could allegedly occur, but Guy Callendar showed that this is already happening.

Who and when was the first to talk about global warming 2

In the course of his research, Callendar determined how much carbon dioxide people release into the atmosphere every year. And if in 1938 it was 4.3 billion tons, then in 2018 – about 36 billion tons.

As a result, the engineer drew up a graph showing the increase in temperature and the increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere over time.

At the same time, he could not accurately predict how much the average temperature of the Earth would increase in the future.

He suggested that it will increase by 0.39 degrees Celsius by the 21st century. However, today it is known that the planet has become warmer by 1.2 degrees Celsius.


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