White dolphin sighted off southern California coast

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the new video with an unusual dolphin, the aphorism “white crow” will soon lose its relevance. And all because off the coast of the United States, among a flock of dolphins, one abnormally white color was seen. The witnesses who managed to capture were delighted with what they saw.

White dolphin sighted off southern California coast 2

An unusual ocean dweller was fortunate enough to see the crew members of a ship belonging to a wildlife conservation organization. It is still impossible to find out whether this individual is albino or this skin color due to a mutation (leukism).

The boat with people was about 5 km from the coast. They were supposed to watch whales. But that day they came across a large flock of gray dolphins. Among them was one unusual specimen – a white mammal. He even managed to be filmed on camera.

The crew of the vessel noted that such individuals are very rare. For the first time such a dolphin was seen in 2014, the second time last year. Life expectancy of gray dolphins is at least 35 years. But whites are at greater risk. Because of their skin color, it is more difficult for them to hunt, they are more noticeable to predators.


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