Which planet in the solar system is farthest from the sun

(ORDO NEWS) — The object, which received the temporary name 2015 TG387, revolves around the Sun in a highly elongated orbit. The distance to the star at perihelion is 65 astronomical units.

For comparison, Pluto at perihelion approaches the Sun up to 34 AU, and Saturn only up to 10 AU. Of the currently known dwarf planets, only 2012 VP113 and Sedna are located further from the Sun, the perihelions of which are at 80 and 76 AU.

from our luminary, respectively. But 2015 TG387 moves along a much more elongated orbit and is at aphelion at 2300 AU. from the sun.

Which planet in the solar system is farthest from the sun 2

A year on this planet lasts 40,000 Earth years and 99% of this time it is invisible to modern technology – it is too far away. Its detection became possible as the planet approached the Sun.

Apparently it’s summer there now, but it’s very different from ours – it’s cold, dark, and there’s no atmosphere anyway.

The diameter of the planet is about 300 kilometers. There is almost nothing else to say about her.

The new world was first observed in 2015 (the first four digits of the name are associated with this) on the Japanese 8-meter Subaru telescope located at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii.

In subsequent years, observations were also made by the Magellan telescopes (Chile) and the Discovery Channel telescopes in Arizona. The purpose of the observations was to accurately determine the parameters of the planet’s orbit.

Which planet in the solar system is farthest from the sun 3

A new planet was discovered during the search for the mysterious Planet X – a hypothetical object with a mass significantly larger than the Earth, orbiting the Sun far beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Calculations carried out by scientists show that the orbits of Pluto and several other minor planets have oddities that can be explained by the gravity of some large and very distant object. In particular, it may be the cause of the unusually elongated orbit of 2015 TG387.


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