Which country is the smallest in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — So, the Vatican? Yes and no. The problem lies in defining what a country is, and some argue that the Vatican does not meet these criteria.

Even in matters of defining countries, everything is not simple.

The first problem is that this country is not a member of the United Nations. But membership in the UN is not necessary to be called a country.

Few would argue that Switzerland was not a country before joining the UN in 2002, or that Italy only emerged after joining the UN in 1955.

One of the most common ways to define a country is to use the Montevideo Convention, which was signed between several countries in North and South America in 1933.

According to Article 1 of the Convention: β€œThe State as a subject of international law must have the following qualifications: a) permanent population; b) a certain territory; c) the government; and d) the ability to enter into relations with other states.”

Of these, the Vatican has a permanent population of about 1,000 (although due to the strange structure of the Vatican, only about half of the population actually has Vatican citizenship), a well-defined territory, government, and relations with many other states. So it’s probably a country.

What if it’s faster?

In this case, the smallest country in terms of area is Monaco (a city in the south of France, an area of ​​2000 sq km), and the smallest in terms of population is Nauru (a coral island in the western Pacific Ocean, a population of about 10 thousand). Both of them are full members of the UN, and are indisputably considered countries.


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