Where is the smallest bone located

(ORDO NEWS) — Unless you have specifically studied the anatomy of the ear, you are probably most familiar with the most basic terms – lobe, tympanic membrane, perhaps the cochlea. You may even know that the inner ear is important for a sense of balance.

What you may not know is that your ear is also home to the three smallest bones in your body. Their individual names come from Latin.

There is a malleus (malleus), an anvil (incus) and a stirrup (stapes), which are all connected in a chain and even somewhat similar to their namesakes. Together, according to Verywell Health, the pits are about the size of an orange seed.

Where is the smallest bone located 2

The ossicles are located in the middle ear, between the eardrum and the inner ear, and their job is to transmit sound vibrations.

After the vibrations pass through the middle ear, they enter the cochlea, which converts them into neural signals that the brain perceives as sound.

And the largest bone is the femur or femur – the Latin word for thigh. The thigh bone is the longest and strongest bone in your body.

Although its exact dimensions vary by individual, the average length of an adult male femur is approximately 48 centimeters; and for an adult woman – 45 centimeters.


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