Where is the Bermuda Triangle located and versions of why most ships sink and disappear there

(ORDO NEWS) — Did you know that the Bermuda Triangle is not just a place on the map? And what happens there only by the press and popular rumor is described as mysticism. In fact, everything is a little different and almost all phenomena that are considered anomalous have a completely logical explanation. All the same, people want to believe in something mystical and build theories about the mysticism that sometimes happens in the world. As a result, they ignore all the arguments of scientists and build theories themselves about how someone disappeared and appeared on the other side of the Earth. That’s the kind of people they are. We also love to discuss different scenarios, so let’s try to understand the facts, myths and events that took place in this mysterious territory. And let’s briefly get acquainted with some of the films that have added fame and mystery to the Bermuda Triangle.

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Bermuda Triangle – what is it?

Simply put, the Bermuda Triangle is an anomalous, “cursed place” where pilots’ navigational instruments fail, ships sink, and people disappear.

The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the North American continent, between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. However, this is a very conditional outline of the zone. In fact, many strange cases occurred outside the figure. If you mark all the incidents on the map and try to draw borders on them, you get an uneven rhombus.

The total area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle is up to 4 million square kilometers. The mysterious place is located right next to densely populated areas, so avoiding it is extremely difficult and unprofitable.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle and what does it look like?

The Encyclopædia Britannica says that the Devil’s Triangle does not have an exact agreed-upon boundary. The Bermuda Triangle is believed to be located between several geographic features:

  • Puerto Rico
  • the southeast coast of the USA;
  • the island of Cuba;
  • Hispaniola;
  • Jamaica;
  • Bermuda.

According to various calculations, the area of ​​​​the mysterious place ranges from 310,000 to 932,000 km2. In general, this is a fairly large part of the ocean, if you do not take into account that the ocean covers about 70% of the planet. Contrary to popular belief, the Bermuda Triangle is not triangular at all. The fact is that if you mark on the map all the coordinates of the disappearances of floating and flying vehicles, you can see that the anomalous zone has a shape closer to a rhombus.

Riddles of the Bermuda Triangle

The phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most famous mysteries of the 20th century. The mystical zone, where ships, planes and people constantly disappeared, attracts researchers and journalists in our century. Now interest in the “Devil’s Sea” has somewhat subsided, but every few years scientists make new discoveries and put an end to mysterious disappearances, debunking the paranormal glory of local waters. The secrets of the triangle are mostly revealed, but many are still confused by some oddities and inconsistencies.

Mysterious gas bubbles

At the beginning of the 20th century, a group of scientists managed to conduct a very interesting experiment. They wanted to find out what would happen to an object while it was on the surface of the churning water.

It turned out that when bubbles were present in the water, its density decreased and the level rose. At the same time, the lifting force exerted by water on the object decreased.

It was also possible to prove that if there are enough bubbles in the water, this may well lead to the flooding of the vessel.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the experiment was carried out only in laboratory conditions, so whether the mysterious bubbles are related to the sinking of ships remains a mystery.

wandering waves

Rogue killer waves in the Bermuda Triangle can reach up to 30 meters in height. Interestingly, they are formed so quickly and unexpectedly that they can easily sink even a large ship.

Practice shows that the team simply does not have time to react to such a rapid appearance of a mysterious wave.


One of these tragedies occurred in 1984 during the regatta.

The forty-meter ship “Marquez” was the leader in this sports race. When he was in the territory of the Bermuda Triangle, a sudden flurry began.

As a result, a huge wave formed, which almost instantly sank the ship. 19 people died in this tragedy.

Scientists studying the behavior of wandering waves explain their appearance as follows: when the hot waters of the Gulf Stream meet a storm front, waves arise, as a result of which a giant mass of water rises.

It is surprising that initially the height of the waves does not exceed 5 m, but very soon they reach the 25-meter mark.

Alien intervention

According to some people, the territory of the Bermuda Triangle is under the control of alien creatures exploring the Earth.

After contact with people at sea or in the air, aliens allegedly destroy ships so that no one knows about them.


This theory is very plausible and rational. According to her, disasters occur in the Bermuda Triangle region due to the fact that storms and hurricanes begin there very unpredictably.

Clouds with mysterious charges

Quite a few pilots flying over the Bermuda Triangle said that during the flight they were in a black cloud for some time, inside which electrical discharges and blinding flashes occurred.

Whether this has anything to do with ball lightning is unknown. Apparently, only one person who knew almost everything about electricity, Nikola Tesla, could explain the explanation of this theory.


It is assumed that under certain conditions, infrasound can be generated in the sea, which affects the crew members, causing panic, as a result of which they leave the ship.

Relief features

Some scientists suggest that the relief of the Bermuda Triangle is the cause of anomalous phenomena.

Indeed, in this zone on the seabed there are many hills reaching 100-200 m and underwater rocks up to 2 km high.

In addition, Bermuda has a continental shelf separated by the Gulf Stream. All these factors can indirectly explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Mystic at the bottom of the triangle

Recently, at the bottom of the sea, in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle, traces of a sunken city were discovered. After studying his photographs, scientists were able to examine various structures with mysterious inscriptions.

According to experts, the buildings represent ancient architecture.

An interesting fact is that among the buildings, in the photographs, there were also pyramids. There is an opinion that American scientists actually knew about this find for a long time, but they deliberately hushed it up.

Perhaps in the future we will learn a lot of interesting information about what is really happening at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

Why are ships and planes disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle?

The secret of the Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of much debate that has been going on for decades. There are four conditional reasons for the disappearance of transport and people in this area:

  • difficult natural and weather conditions: poor bottom with reefs, strong winds and currents, earthquakes;
  • imperfection of vehicles: most of the accidents happened before about 1950, when ships and planes had many design flaws, and navigation systems did not use satellite data;
  • human factor: difficult weather conditions and lack of familiar landmarks led to fatal errors;
  • paranormal incidents: Some researchers adhere to theories about Atlantis, time travel and alien intervention.

Various combinations of the first three factors explain almost all incidents. In some cases, there is too little evidence and clues to put forward a more or less logical theory about what happened. Such disappearances become a good basis for mystical explanations. The notoriety of the zone is enhanced by the fact that five strong currents dominate in the triangle area – the Gulf Stream, Florida, North Atlantic, North and South Trade Winds and weaker local ones. This means that potential evidence of tragedies – the wreckage of ships and aircraft, cargo, boats – is carried far from the scene of the incident, and it is not possible to find them.

Versions and the truth about the missing ships

The countless ships missing in the Bermuda Triangle have given rise to many hypotheses. Both among scientists and in the community of analysts of various professions. However, all of them can be divided into versions of 7 thematic areas. We will list them below.

  1. Bubbles of methane. This gas is released from the surface of the complex seabed (read Chapter 2). The density of the material in any bubble, as you know, decreases. The ships are sinking.
  2. Infrasonic resonance born in the depths of the waters (“voices of ghosts”). These sounds cause the crew to experience such strong emotions of fear that they leave the ship.
  3. Movement of tectonic plates. A wave generated even by an “average” geological shift grows up to 30 m high. Such a tsunami covers ships and low-flying planes.
  4. Huge squid. The exotic version involves living in a very intricate underwater landscape of a giant clam. Having seized the prey, he hides very quickly.
  5. UFO tricks. This even more incredible hypothesis is put forward by the world of modern ufologists. The “plates” of the aliens “suck” the earthlings into themselves along with the transport.
  6. Mysterious portal. This assumption is more often put forward by the victims of the Triangle themselves. Some analysts are ready to support them. These people are supposedly both from the past and from the future.
  7. Extreme complexity of navigation (4 currents, boundary of climatic zones, dangerous wind systems of the Atlantic, combinations of large shoals and reefs with deep trenches). As for the wind system, it is the Sargasso. A dangerous calm prevails here more often.

Which hypothesis is more likely to be true? The scientific community, by a majority of votes, agrees that the answer lies in the seventh version. It does not imply any secrets. And in general – the story of the “Devil’s Sea” is too inflated by journalists and writers. The fact is that according to the rating of incidents, the region of the Atlantic under discussion was not even included in the TOP-10 most dangerous.

The popularity of the location in the 1960s is associated with a large article “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle”, on the basis of which writers created commercially successful books.

When did humanity learn about the Bermuda Triangle?

Interest in the mysterious zone appeared around the second half of the 20th century. Before that, only sailors and those who live on the islands in the Bermuda Triangle knew about dangerous waters. The first person to describe the anomalous zone was Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was a Spanish navigator of Italian origin

In his notes, he described the sea full of algae, the strange behavior of the compass needle, the luminous water column and the sudden appearance of flames.

The first journalist to pay attention to the strange zone was Associated Press correspondent Edward Van Winkle Jones. In 1950, he published an article in which he talked about the “Devil’s Sea” and strange disappearances. The term “Bermuda Triangle” was coined by writer Vincent Gaddis in 1964. The peak of popularity of the topic came in the late 60s – early 80s. At this time, a huge number of articles and books about the mysterious incidents in the Bermuda Triangle were published. Stories about unfound ships and planes were overgrown with many fictional facts and distortions. There were eyewitnesses who saw strange lights on the horizon, ghost ships and unusual objects in the sky.

Scientists and researchers actively refuted all paranormal theories, and every year the Bermuda phenomenon turned into an entertaining story. Mysterious disappearances can always be explained by poor natural conditions, the imperfection of water and air technology, and the banal human factor. Therefore, a logical question arises: “Does the Bermuda Triangle really exist or is it just the result of the vigorous activity of hoaxers and lovers of easy glory?” Is this just someone’s imagination?

How Christopher Columbus was able to overcome the dead place

The sinister glory of the Bermuda Triangle came many centuries ago. The Sargasso Sea was considered a graveyard for ships, which the sailors dubbed the “Witch Sea” and feared it like “fire”. Traveler Christopher Columbus was a pioneer of these places, and was able to describe some of the oddities that happened to his team. It was possible to overcome the Sargasso Sea in September 1492. His path lay to the shores of America.

In his diary, Columbus wrote about all the unnatural phenomena of these places. The first thing he noticed was the offset of the compass needle. All this time she pointed to the North Star, but suddenly she jumped sharply not to the northwest. The unknown scared the whole team. After all, this has never happened before. Without a compass, one could go completely astray, and this is certain death. Then another egregious situation occurred. Not far from them, a huge “tongue of flame” fell and suddenly a strong storm began. It might have been a meteor.
Despite all the oddities of the Sargasso Sea, the crew of Christopher Columbus managed not only to anchor off the Bahamas, but also to return home. True, it took a whole year.

The victims of the Bermuda Triangle, how many were there

Probably, in the area of ​​​​this place ships and people disappeared before, but what was happening was not given much mystical significance. It is even more difficult to name the exact number of missing ships, aircraft and people. According to preliminary data over the past few centuries, the Bermuda Triangle was able to take about 2 thousand units of ships and aircraft and a large number of people

  1. The first case of the mystical disappearance of the crew and passengers in this place occurred on the ship “Rosalia”. It was discovered in 1840. However, with the ship fully equipped, not a single living soul was on it.
  2. I was struck by the disappearance in 1918 of the US Navy heavyweight “Cyclops”. More than 300 passengers and crew members literally disappeared into the sea.
  3. The disappearance without a trace in 1945 of a whole flight of 5 torpedo bombers then puzzled many. It was a training flight and the only experienced pilot was Lieutenant Taylor. Later it was possible to decipher the conversations of the pilots before death. They were completely disoriented in the air for some reason, their compasses behaving strangely.

These are just a few of the many stories that have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle. Many of those who disappeared then will not be able to tell what happened and where everyone disappeared. Perhaps they fell into parallel dimensions, remaining there forever.

Could Lawrence Kusche book clear up the magic of the triangle?

The mysteries of this unusual place on the planet worried many scientists and ordinary people. One of them, the American Lawrence D. Kusche, in 1975 devoted an entire book to this topic, The Bermuda Triangle: Myths and Reality. Kusche was not a scientist, but only a bibliographer and flight instructor. He believed that the Bermuda Triangle or Hell Circle is not a mystical place. And everything that happens there can be logically explained.

He worked in the library and noticed that the visitors were very interested in books about this supernatural place. Lawrence began to collect any information that somehow related to this topic. It took several years to write the book.

This time Kusche spent hard work in archives and libraries, studying the whole stacks of documents. He also got acquainted with the protocols of investigations of mysterious disappearances, which were carried out by the Coast Guard, the US Air Force and the Lloyd’s Insurance Company (known all over the world at that time). Not without eyewitness accounts, which helped to see the real errors and inaccuracies in the disappearances described in newspaper publications.

The book by Lawrence Kusche allowed us to look at the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle from the other side. According to the author, it was possible to explain every case of disappearance, excluding hoaxes. Recently, the world has been puzzled by what is happening in the Lake Michigan Triangle, which scares travelers more than Bermuda.

Myths and reality

Many inhabitants of the globe would like to understand where is the lie and where is the truth about the secrets of the triangle. The authors of books race to publish their author’s publications, where one proves the reality of the events of the anomalous zone, and the other refutes all arguments and cites scientific facts proving the opposite.

However, not a single scientist has yet been able to explain where the sailing ships disappeared, the flying planes that disappeared from the face of the earth, the number of which has already exceeded a hundred.

Scientific theories and hypotheses

  1. Gas release. Scientists find an explanation for the missing ships that the methane formed due to the release of gas into the open sea decays, due to which the density of the water becomes so low that the ships cannot remain on the surface of the water and sink almost instantly. Quite a possible option, but nothing is known about the methane itself in the depths.
  2. Waves – killer or wandering waves that appear out of nowhere, approaching a single wave, ranging in size from 20 to 40 meters. They are able to absorb the entire vessel, of any size and volume. The theory about these waves was put forward repeatedly, but hewn evidence did not arise.

Other explanations, more accurate, scientists have not been able to present. Perhaps theories lend themselves to the logic of the loss of sunken ships, but do not forget about flying objects that have gone off course and disappeared forever.

Is the Bermuda Triangle dangerous?

The Bermuda Triangle is a dangerous place where there is often a storm, strong winds blow and there is a risk of running aground. There are enough places like this all over the oceans. Now you can receive information in advance about the weather conditions for the coming days, adhere to safety rules, monitor instruments and equipment. If navigation devices fail, then aircraft and watercraft will be monitored from satellites and timely reported on what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle and surrounding areas.

Most of the accidents happened precisely in adverse conditions and because of the human factor. If you study the statistics, then the number of accidents in the area is quite comparable with the dense traffic flow and is not some kind of prohibitive number.


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