Where has North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gone again?

(ORDO NEWS) — Where has Kim Jong Un gone and why hasn’t he appeared in public for over 3 weeks? In 2021, this is the longest period of his absence. The last time the subjects saw the ruler on May 6. Kim Jong-un’s disappearance was told by the representative of the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea, Lee Chong Yew.

Reported by Yonhap.

Also in his message at the briefing, Lee Chong Yu said that the last public meeting attended by the ruler took place in Pyongyang. Then he and his wife attended a festive concert.

Nothing is known about the reasons for Kim Jong-un’s absence. The official only said that it is inappropriate at this time to give any assessments to such behavior of the ruler. However, the world community does not subside. Most people assume that such a prolonged absence is due to the deteriorating health of the DPRK leader. Perhaps more information about this protracted absence will appear soon.

Also, many politicians are interested in why Kim Jong-un has not yet reacted to the meeting of South Korean President Moon Jae-in with US President Joe Biden.


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