Where exactly on Earth did the first mammals appear?

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have stated that modern mammals originated in the Southern Hemisphere. The analysis of the fossilized remains of the earliest ancestors of such animals helped to find out.

In 1997, scientists found a jawbone of a mammal with strange teeth on an Australian beach, the likes of which have only been seen in Europe and North America.

As the years passed, more similar jawbones from Mesozoic-era mammals have been discovered: in Madagascar, Argentina, India and, most recently, again in Australia.

According to the analysis, the oldest of these fossils are older than those found in the Northern Hemisphere by about 50 million years.

This allowed scientists to describe an alternative theory of the origin of mammals.

It is hypothesized that their ancestors may have navigated a supercontinent called Gondwana in the southern hemisphere before heading north.


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