When the supervolcano Yellowstone explodes, 90 thousand people will die immediately

(ORDO NEWS) — If the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, up to 90 thousand people may die in just the first few minutes. Also, a cloud of ash will be thrown out, which will cause a “nuclear winter”.

The supervolcano is located in Wyoming. He, of course, has an attractive appearance, but at the same time it is considered the most dangerous on the entire planet. Its eruption will cause many deaths, and a huge area will be covered with a thick layer of ash. Fortunately for many, the volcano has been “sleeping” for more than 600 thousand years. But many experts worry that the volcano may wake up at any moment.

The pressure under the volcano is increasing all the time. Heat rises from the depths and melts those rocks that are near the surface of the earth. When enough heat is received from the core, it can create a mixture of magma, various gases, rocks and steam. Already today you can see the “dome” formed as a result of the movement of magma, which rises above the earth’s surface.

If an eruption occurs, 90 thousand people will die in the first minutes. The magma will quickly spread to about 1,600 kilometers, and its layer will reach three meters. It will be very difficult for rescuers to get to the crash site to evacuate civilians. Due to the fact that a huge amount of ash and gases will be released into the atmosphere, it will be impossible to make most of the air travel. But the eruption will be just the beginning, because it is likely to be followed by a “nuclear winter”.

To date, experts say that there is no reason for panic, because the likelihood of an eruption in the near future is minimal. If it does happen, then not in the coming years, but during this time we can prepare for a disaster in order to save as many people as possible in the event of an eruption.


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