When the coronavirus pandemic will end?

(ORDO NEWS) — This year, you can not count on the fact that the coronavirus pandemic will be stopped.

Another wave of coronavirus, according to the expert’s forecasts, will occur this fall. At the same time, people will also be affected by the seasonal flu.

Previously, it was assumed that the virus could die as a result of weather changes, but this did not happen. Therefore, it is too early to relax and not follow the rules established in different countries. This statement was made by the doctor Olga Golubovskaya.

Experts are doing everything possible to quickly stop the spread of the coronavirus, but people should remember that they must follow the established recommendations without fail so that a variety of problems do not arise and the incidence rate does not increase.

It is necessary to maintain social distance, as well as regularly wash and treat not only hands, but also surfaces that can get the virus. Particular attention should be paid to the health of the elderly, who are more at risk than others.

In some countries, to this day, there is no special protection system against the virus, which has helped to at least partially stop the coronavirus. At the moment, not only health systems, but also human resources are almost completely depleted.

The medic noted the fact that the pandemic will end no earlier than March next year. At the same time, there is a risk that the coronavirus will spread across the planet for a longer time. So far, scientists are not even trying to name the exact date of the end of the pandemic.

The specialist also added that in the near future a significant increase in the incidence is expected. Autumn will be a particularly dangerous period, when various seasonal diseases will also be added to the coronavirus. In this case, the immunity of many people will be markedly weakened and they will become more at risk of contracting COVID-19.


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