When should you get an MRI of the elbow?

(ORDO NEWS) — Often, standard diagnostic procedures of the x-ray type are prescribed for examining the spinal column and limbs. But they are not always effective, as they show mainly dense structures, bones. The articular joints have a more complex structure, which is not visualized on radiographic images.

To identify complex pathologies of the joints of the upper extremities, a more informative technology of MRI of the elbow joint is recommended.

Reasons for the appointment of magnetic diagnostics

In clinical practice, the following situations are common, requiring the profile use of magnetic resonance imaging:

• swelling and redness in the articular area;

• constant pain syndrome at rest or during movement;

• extraneous sound effects in the form of clicks or crunching;

• volumetric growths in the studied area;

• a history of oncology with suspected metastases;

• signs of the disease resistant to the therapy;

• abnormalities detected but not identified on X-ray or CT;

• complications after injuries;

• maintaining background body temperature;

• infectious diseases that cause osteomyelitis.

Screening becomes mandatory if the patient is preparing for surgery. Preliminary, clarifying diagnostics makes it possible to determine the personal anatomy of the abnormal area, the size of the lesion subject to instrumental intervention or removal. MRI of the elbow joint can be used for visual accompaniment of the operation, when the nerve canals, small vessels are corrected, and the cancerous formation is removed.

After surgical recovery or drug therapy, a prophylactic scan is also indicated. This helps doctors determine the quality of the performed manipulations, assess the rate of regeneration of cells, fibers, tissues, signs of relapse, if any. MRI of the elbow joint can take place both as directed by the doctor and at the patient’s own request if he complains of pain in the elbow bend.

Where is the scan done?

For a full examination, you need special tomographic equipment, which is available in specialized centers and diagnostic departments of state clinics. To compare the conditions of admission in different institutions, refer to the single city registration service 1-mrt.ru… All medical tomography organizations are collected here with detailed prices, ratings, equipment descriptions and contact information. Go to the portal, explore the options, consult the service operators on a free line and sign up for procedures with bonuses from the service.


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