When magnetic storms are expected on Earth: forecast for February

(ORDO NEWS) — February will begin with a magnetic storm, which will occur on the 2nd. In this case, the magnetosphere will be excited as early as February 1.

In total, two geomagnetic storms are expected, which will be quite weak. The second storm will occur on February 5, and already on the 6th the magnetosphere will return to normal.

The reason for the occurrence of magnetic storms is a solar flare that occurred on January 30th. She provoked the release of a sufficiently large amount of plasma.

The direct source of the plasma was a large spot on the surface of the star. The flash duration was 4 hours.

Magnetic storms are fluctuations that occur in the Earth’s magnetic field. They can last a different amount of time – a couple of hours or even several days. In addition, they will differ from each other in terms of intensity.

Such phenomena can cause the communication systems to deteriorate, technical failures may occur.

During magnetic storms, many people experience a noticeable deterioration in well-being. Of course, there is very little evidence that the Sun becomes the cause of headaches and other unpleasant manifestations.

Earlier, the former head of the Ministry of Health, Uliana Suprun, said that the effect of magnetic storms on the body is just a myth. She noted that electromagnetic activity is constantly recorded on the Sun.

This causes a coronal mass ejection. After it reaches our planet, there is an interaction with the magnetosphere, which in turn enhances the aurora, and does not cause a migraine.

She also stressed that the Earth’s magnetic field is able to neutralize the electromagnetic effects of the Sun, so the risk to people is minimal and they cannot feel this effect.


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