WhatsApp sends data to special services every 15 minutes

(ORDO NEWS) — The WhatsApp messenger transmits the FBI, at the request of the department, metadata about the actions of the account with a delay of 15 minutes, according to a document published by the Property of the People organization.

Intelligence officers receive information about the messages of the iPhone user in WhatsApp if the messenger archive is saved in iCloud.

In addition, by a court decision or in the presence of a search warrant, law enforcement officers have the right to receive a list of blocked WhatsApp users of the person of interest. They can also get data about his contacts and those with whom he is recorded in the phone book.

According to Rolling Stone, a WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed the accuracy of this information in the document. At the same time, she assured that the content of the correspondence is not transferred to the special services.

In addition, it follows from the document that the Signal messenger transmits data about the date, time of user registration and information about the last login to the service. Telegram provides access to such data only when investigating cases of terrorism.

Special services receive from the service only the IP address and phone number of the suspect. In addition to these messengers, at the request of special services, information is also transmitted by message, Viber, WeChat and some other services.


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