WhatsApp in trouble, Turkey launches investigations for new version

(ORDO NEWS) — Turkish authorities have launched an investigation into the new version of WhatsApp, which seeks to share more data with Facebook.

The popular messaging platform has been heavily criticized recently because it requires users to agree to the new terms or they would otherwise risk losing their account on February 8th.

Facebook is claiming to monetize WhatsApp by allowing advertisers to contact customers directly through the app, while these changes have only recently started to work.

Through this step, in addition to the message that remains encrypted, advertisers can obtain information through your profile, violating privacy.

Turkish authorities have rejected this new version of WhatsApp, strongly condemning the new rules. Many politicians have called on citizens to boycott the application, thus using local applications.

Meanwhile, the Turkish opposition has said that this is a policy of the government to bring the privacy of the Turks under control.


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