What will the Earth’s atmosphere be like after a nuclear war

(ORDO NEWS) — It is clear that a nuclear war will be a disaster for us and our planet – but how much?

A new study models the impact that smoke from the aftermath of a nuclear conflict could have on our atmosphere. The results are predictably grim.

People of the world, be three times more vigilant!

A team of experimenters analyzed the impact of both a regional and a global nuclear war, with emissions of 5 megatons and 150 megatons of soot, respectively.

The researchers found that a global war would result in an average 75 percent loss of the ozone layer over 15 years.

A local war will lead to the loss of the ozone layer by 25 percent within 12 years.

While the smoke will initially block out the sun’s rays – so-called “nuclear winter” will set in, strong flashes of ultraviolet light will follow within a few years, according to the study.

They will allow hitting the Earth’s surface through holes in the ozone layer.

UV can usually affect anything from skin cancer to agricultural processes to the survival of entire ecosystems.

Therefore, if much more of it reaches our planet, it will have serious consequences for all who survived the first explosions.

“Conditions can turn in a very sad direction,” explains atmospheric scientist Charles Bardeen of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

“The means of adaptation that the survivors of the impacts used successfully at first will not help with the increase in temperatures and levels of UV radiation.”


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