What will happen to men if the Y chromosome disappears from people

(ORDO NEWS) — The Y chromosome has a low endurance rate and may soon disappear altogether. This chromosome is the main switch that determines during conception which sex of the embryo will develop further. Moreover, the Y chromosome has very few other genes.

It is worth noting that this is the only chromosome in the human body that plays practically no role in life. Women are doing just fine without her.

An interesting point is that the degeneration of this chromosome happened too quickly. Experts say that if the rate of the degeneration process is the same, then literally in 5 million years the Y chromosome will completely disappear.

It’s worth noting that she wasn’t always this wrinkled. For example, about 166 million years ago, a chromosome was as large as the X chromosome and contained exactly the same set of genes. But do not forget about a certain drawback.

Of all the other chromosomes, which are present at once with two copies in each cell, the Y chromosome has only one copy. It is she who is passed from father to son.

Accordingly, it can be concluded that this chromosome cannot recombine at the genetic level in order to remove mutations that damage genes. As a result, the genes of the Y chromosome will continue to degenerate over time and then disappear completely from the human genome.

What then will happen to men? Males will not disappear, and the “master switch” between the sexes can simply switch to another chromosome.


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