What will happen if you give up alcohol – 5 unexpected effects

(ORDO NEWS) — Alcohol once saved mankind’s life, but it also ruined a huge number of destinies.

When there were no antibiotics, and the quality of drinking water was questionable, alcohol-containing liquid saved from diseases and infections. However, giving up alcohol will do more good than harm.

In general, any alcoholic drink is a depressant. Therefore, its systematic use leads to depression and negatively affects mental health.

All organs are at risk: brain, heart, liver, etc. The best thing you can do to live a long and happy life is to stop drinking alcohol altogether.

  • Benefits of giving up alcohol

What will you get if you decide to tie with this bad habit? First, aging processes slow down.

Secondly, vital health indicators will improve. Thirdly, social life will improve. And now let’s talk about the benefits for specific organs.

  • Liver

Alcohol is a strong toxin that simply poisons our body.

If you give up alcohol, the body will gradually recover, as a result, the quality of the blood will improve, and digestive problems will disappear.

  • Cardiovascular system

Giving up alcohol will stabilize the pressure, stabilize the heart rhythm and minimize the risks of heart attack.

The walls of blood vessels will regain their elasticity, the heart muscle will be healthy and strong.

  • BrainĀ 

Giving up alcohol will improve cognitive functions. Ethanol kills brain cells. Because of this, problems with language and memory arise, insomnia and other disorders may appear.

A sober lifestyle will lead to the fact that a person will feel energetic and be in good health.

  • Oncology and heart disease

Also, a sober lifestyle minimizes the risks of oncology and heart disease. The condition of the skin will improve, anxiety will disappear.


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