What will change in the seas in the future due to global warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Rutgers University came to unexpected conclusions. It turned out that some species of fish in the oceans and seas will become less due to an increase in the average temperature on the planet.

In the course of the study, the results of which are described in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, scientists have received an ambiguous picture of the future of the seas and oceans.

As the climate gets warmer on Earth, some species of fish will begin to disappear. Among them, for example, cod.

How will this affect fisheries? According to co-author Malin Pinsky, assistant professor of ecology, evolution and natural resources at Rutgers University, the findings show that the species we catch today will not be as abundant in the future.

What will change in the seas in the future due to global warming 2

The aim of the new study was to determine how climate change will affect different fish species. Scientists also considered the process of feeding one species at the expense of another and changes in the food web.

Through the creation of computer models, experts have learned that predator-prey interactions will cause fish to change habitat more slowly than climate.

In addition, according to the model, over the next 200 years, species will constantly move and change their habitat.

In other words, because the fish will need something to eat, they will not move to new places as quickly due to global warming.

Also, experts have found that higher predators with a larger body stay longer in the territory where they lived from the very beginning. This is partly due to the fact that new sources of food appear in this area before warming.


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