What will “amateur” astronauts do on the ISS in the Axion-I private mission

(ORDO NEWS) — The world’s first fully private mission to the International Space Station (ISS) is about to begin. About what its purpose is and what the astronauts will do at the station.

As part of the mission, called Axion-I, scientists will be delivered to the International Space Station, who will conduct a series of experiments there.

This mission has already been approved by NASA, and the ship that will deliver the astronauts – Dragon – is also known.

What exactly will experts in space do? First of all, it is necessary to say about the date of the launch of the spacecraft. It has been rescheduled from the end of 2021 to March 31, 2022. The entire mission will last 10 days.

The flight will be performed by Michael Lopez-Alegria (commander), Larry Connor (pilot), Mark Party and Eitan Stibbe (researchers).

Each of the crew members will be involved in a separate area of ​​research in space: Connor – studying the impact of space travel on heart health and aging body cells (cells that have stopped dividing, but have not died).

Pati – by studying the application for communication (that is, two-way holoportation), neuro-ocular syndrome, the state of the Earth; Stibbe will conduct various experiments in conjunction with the Israel Space Agency.

In total, the crew members plan to conduct about 25 different studies.

What will amateur astronauts do on the ISS in the Axion I private mission 2

At the same time, a second similar launch of the spacecraft is also planned. The mission will be called Axion-II. It is already known that Peggy Whitson will be the commander of the ship in it, and John Schoffner will be the pilot.

On the International Space Station, “amateur” astronauts will study the genomics of individual cells. In other words, this is the study of the individual characteristics of cells, as well as the analysis of new cells and their differences. Everything will be carried out in cooperation with Genomics.


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