What ways to turn off the Internet around the world exist and what will happen after that

(ORDO NEWS) — If in 1995 the number of Internet users was 1 percent of the total population of the Earth, now it is already 65 percent.

At the same time, turning off the Internet on the entire planet at once is quite realistic.

According to the author, there are five ways to turn off the Internet around the world. However, most of them are theoretical. They can only be effective if many factors come together.

1- Accidents. These may be some local emergencies that will lead to large-scale results. In 2021, for example, there was already a fire in one of the most secure data centers. As a result, the servers where the files of about 4 million sites were located were affected.

2- Natural disasters. This already happened on September 1, 1850. There was a geomagnetic storm that day. As a result of the storm, telegraph communications in North America and Europe stopped working.

If something similar happens today, then the global network infrastructure will definitely fail and humanity will live for several months without communication and, probably, electricity.

As a result, communication satellites, underwater, terrestrial infrastructure, and backbone repeaters (if the latter are not turned off) may even cease to function.

3- Cliffs of underwater highways. Now the length of these highways is more than 1 million kilometers. And this number is still growing. A similar situation with cable breaks arose in 2008: at that time, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and India suffered.

Moreover, if several cables break at the same time, then, the author emphasizes, this will lead to the fact that people will be left without communication for several days or weeks. And to fix all this quickly will be impossible.

What ways to turn off the Internet around the world exist and what will happen after that 2

4- Disabling root servers. Disabling everything at once at the same time, the expert believes, is hardly possible. There are 13 root servers in total, with 10 in the States, and 3 in Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden. There are also mirror servers, of which there are several hundred.

In this case, even turning off some of the main servers, some sites will stop loading and services will stop working.

5- Alien attack. If we assume that this is possible, then the invaders will first turn off the Internet, the author believes.

After the Internet eventually disappears, the course of events depends on the duration of this failure. If people remain without communication for only a couple of days, then nothing terrible will happen. But if for a week, a month or a larger period, then this will lead to serious consequences.

Many companies will stop working, remote employees will be left without money, financial institutions will find themselves in a situation where their activities will be disrupted, and the possibility of remote communication will disappear.


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