What types of tourism will be popular after a pandemic?

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Crises push us to rethink and accelerate the change of economic phenomena and business models. The current epidemic is no exception. It will not affect the general tendency to increase the level of tourist consumption, but will contribute to the growth of market demand for some tourism products.

The epidemic situation is a catalyst that can both destroy some forms of business and create new ones, as well as lead to a change in consumer concepts and people‘s habits. A period of downtime in a pandemic provides opportunities for relaxation and unlocking internal potential. If you clearly understand the conditions and development trends, put your thoughts in order, choose the right direction and be ready to follow it, overcoming the crisis can bring a positive result. So, what types of tourism will develop after the epidemic?

Wellness tourism

After the epidemic, big changes will take place in the healthcare industry: the emergence of new directions of development in the medical industry, a further increase in the level of public awareness of health, the continuous expansion of consumer demand for various medical supplies, the general recognition and dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine methods, the increase in the level of medical care, etc. etc. Therefore, in order to attract as many tourists as possible, you will need to focus not only on natural attractions, but also on various amenities to ensure all kinds of necessities of life.

Sports tourism

In an epidemic, people recognize the importance of health promotion and begin to change their lifestyle. Consumer demand for playing sports and improving the body is growing, physical exercises will play an important role in people’s lives. Therefore, after the epidemic, new trends in the development of the sports tourism industry will appear. The vast territory and many nationalities of China provide rich resources for sports tourism. In addition, differences in landforms, climate and other aspects allow the implementation of various types of sports and recreational activities.

“Red” tourism

The fight against the epidemic is a brutal war without powder smoke, but with real victims. For the first time in many years, young people realized that the war did not go far and that it was necessary to take care not only of themselves. “While you are quietly sitting, someone carries a heavy burden for you,” many wrote in their microblogs. Along with this insight, feelings of gratitude and responsibility return. The spirit of the fight against the epidemic is a continuation of the spirit of war in a new era. Therefore, at the end of the epidemic, “red” tourism will again develop.

Night tourism

As an important part of cultural tourism and the “night” economy, night tourism has also been hit hard by the epidemic. Many large-scale events, such as the Temple Cultural Fair and the Lantern Festival, which were originally planned for the Chinese New Year holidays, were canceled. A huge market for night tourism still exists, but the epidemic has suspended its development. During this special period, the cultural tourism industry still needs to actively implement a market protection strategy. In the future, when creating the content of night tours, it is necessary to proceed from the original values ​​of night tourism. It is necessary to disclose its advantages and cultural basis, constantly expanding and activating. This is the only way to put this business on stream. In this way,

Virtual tourism

During the epidemic in the field of culture and tourism, changes have occurred, there has been an increase in various online projects. The pace of life in modern society is accelerating, labor productivity is increasing, people’s lives are becoming more and more intense. The inability to travel anywhere, the lack of sufficient free time and disposable income provide the conditions for the emergence and development of virtual tourism. Giving people the gift of live experiences without having to even take a step outside, virtual tourism could be very attractive especially because it provides a much-needed respite from the tedium of staying home every day. Of course, it cannot completely replace traditional tourism, but it can be a useful addition in the conditions of stagnation in the market.

Educational tourism

This is a special type of tourism, a feature of which is the presence of various educational activities. In terms of time, the real impact of the epidemic on this type of tourism is small, but its potential impact should not be ruled out. Today, educational tourism has a small market share, many strategies at the provincial and city levels have not yet been fully implemented. As long as the macroeconomy remains stable and the industry itself is developing normally, educational tourism will continue to maintain the dynamics of rapid growth.

Rural tourism

A long stay at home opens up new opportunities for the development of rural tourism. The epidemic has limited the actions of people, many want to release the accumulated energy. After returning to ordinary life, people will again have a desire to travel, changes will occur in the rural tourism market – it will become safer and healthier. After the epidemic, demand for rural tourism products is expected to increase sharply, so you need to prepare accordingly.

Nature tourism

At the end of the epidemic, it will be impossible for some time to organize trips over medium and long distances. This is due to the peculiarities of our health and the recent restrictive policies of various regions. However, the demand for excursions to nearby regions lasting one or two days will immediately increase. Nature tourism will be very popular. Many people may want to visit a Holiday Park to experience the great outdoors from the comfort of a caravan. Middlewood Farm Holiday Park is a perfect example of a coastal escape that, after a long time sitting at home, people will want to get out to in order to get into the fresh air. Thus, the seas, mountains, steppes and other natural attractions will become favorite places among tourists.


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