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What turtles hide behind their pretty appearance they are dangerous to humans

What turtles hide behind their pretty appearance they are dangerous to humans

(ORDO NEWS) — Turtles are a popular pet a reptile among children, let alone adults, too. However, they do not have more than one popularity.

Turtles are also known to carry numerous types of infections. And what kind of infections are we talking about you will find out now.

How would you react if you were told that cute turtles are a threat to you? Most likely you won’t believe it. But in vain, because they are really dangerous, and the cause of all troubles is salmonellosis.

Turtles transmit salmonellosis

During 2006-2014, a total of 15 outbreaks of turtle-associated salmonellosis in humans were reported in the United States, caused by various strains.

Exposure to small domestic turtles has long been recognized as a source of human salmonellosis. The risk to public health remains and may be increasing. It would seem what harm a small harmless turtle can do.

After this incident, doctors strongly recommend not to start turtles. And if, nevertheless, you broke loose and brought this little creature into the house, then follow the rules of care and hygiene.

Do not kiss, hug, and always wash your hands after contact with a turtle. In addition, do not forget to wash the terrarium and do not let the baby walk around the house. And remember that in the first place at risk are small children under the age of 5 years.


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