What to expect for humanity in 2021: forecasts and predictions

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Year of the White Bull will be crucial for all mankind: absolutely all people expect a quick victory over the coronavirus. We can say that the new year will be fruitful only for those who have laid the “foundation” of their growth. On the whole, things will not develop as easily as we would like.

Nostradamus wrote that in 2021 one should expect a big battle at sea, in which animals will suffer more. Natural disasters will also occur – tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and fires. Of the good, the strengthening of trade relations and the increasing role of handicraft work can be noted.

According to Vanga, 2021 will not be easy. Some countries will be hit by severe economic downturns. The number of natural and man-made disasters will turn out to be considerable.

The settlements near the coastal zone will be partially flooded. 2021 will be the beginning of a major change and will usher in a new era. However, the coming year cannot be called a turning point.

In the Year of the White Bull, world leaders can set a course for a number of projects that will embrace all of humanity in the future. The history of the world will be completely reversed.

Perhaps in the new year there will be a charismatic leader who will lead people. The world order will suffer changes, new values ​​will come to the fore.

Good luck should be expected for active people. 2021 will be perfect for conceiving a child or getting married. In general, people can expect changes for the better, of course, this will require at least minimal effort. Disease and conflict will take place, but humanity will cope with everything. The main thing is not to stop and have a positive attitude.


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