What to do if you were bitten by a snake experts gave life-saving tips

(ORDO NEWS) — With warm days, the county to the dacha is approaching, where dangers lurk literally at every step. Not all of them can be bypassed, but some can be saved.

Only in cartoons you can negotiate with snakes, but in nature it is better not to approach them. But if you are still bitten, you should not panic – here are some tips.

With the onset of heat, most of the snakes begin to emerge from their winter hibernation, which means a danger to all nature lovers.

In pop culture, there are enough awkward references and “reminders” about what to do after being bitten by a poisonous snake. Many of these tips can only hurt the victim more. But still there is an effective method of saving lives.

What to do after a bite

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Australian serpentologist Kristina Zdenek assures that, for example, in Australia, horseback riding is at least five times more dangerous than snakes. At least 11–20 people die each year in horse accidents. Accordingly, from a snake bite – only about 2-4.

But it is still possible to get under the teeth of a snake, and this must be dealt with somehow. So, Zdeněk advises – “Stay as calm as possible.

Don’t move your muscles, because moving the venom moves through the body. Then wrap the affected limb with an elastic compression bandage, as in an ankle or wrist sprain.

Time is of the essence. Call an ambulance as soon as possible and get to the hospital to get the antidote.

What to do if you were bitten by a snake experts gave life saving tips 2

The chief freelance pediatrician of the Moscow Region Ministry of Health, Niso Odinaeva, also did not stand aside and told the people of Russia what to do after the bite.

First of all, Odinaeva notes, there is no need to panic, and even more so, there is no need to try to chase away the snake or run away from it.

For example, a viper, says Odinaeva, has a weak sense of smell and hearing, and therefore the sudden appearance of a person in front of it is likely to provoke a defensive reaction.

“Immediately after the bite, it is only necessary to squeeze out the poison a little from the site of the lesion. No need to suck, because through the oral mucosa it will still enter the body.

The bite site must be treated with an antiseptic (or hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of potassium permanganate or iodine). From excessive pulling with a tight tourniquet, the effect of the poison can only intensify – and necrosis will begin, ”notes Niso Odinaeva


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