What to do if you have had contact with a coronavirus patient

(ORDO NEWS) — Aleksey Khukhrev, general practitioner and candidate of medical sciences, spoke about the procedure that should be followed if you had contact with a person with coronavirus.

Each of us, regardless of the type of activity, meets a lot of people every day, which is not very good during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexey Khukhrev believes that it is not worth guessing whether a particular person with whom you communicated has a coronavirus, but immediately carry out prevention.

According to him, it is not harmful to drink vitamin C and vitamin D, with a separate nose wash.

One of the doctors says that interferon alfa can be dropped into the nose, and this will reduce the likelihood of developing a coronavirus infection after contact with an infected person … there is no exact data to support this assumption yet

Alexey Khukhrev

Khukhrev believes that after contact with a possible infected person, it is worth monitoring your health for 7-10 days. And if you have any symptoms of infection, you should consult a doctor.

The doctor clarified that the omicron strain has a shorter incubation period, so you will learn about the disease much earlier.


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