What the new Chinese carrier-based fighter looks like

(ORDO NEWS) —  An image of the latest Chinese fighter for aircraft carriers has been posted online. It gives the most complete picture of this aircraft.

The Chinese fighter was created on the basis of the Shenyang J-31, a fifth generation multirole fighter. The deck version has its own characteristics. It has a new canopy design, folding wing and landing gear optimized for use with aircraft carriers.

What the new Chinese carrier based fighter looks like

This carrier-based fighter is to be part of the air group of a new Chinese aircraft carrier known as the Type 003.

It is worth noting that the base Shenyang J-31FC-31 has been in development since 2010. This aircraft can fly at an altitude of 16 thousand meters and reach speeds of up to 2.2 thousand kilometers per hour, its combat radius is 1.2 thousand kilometers. At the same time, the fighter uses stealth technologies.


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