What the longest train in the world looks like

(ORDO NEWS) — The Mount Newman branch line is owned by BHP Billiton and is used to transport iron ore. With a track length of 426 kilometers, it is one of the longest private railway lines.

There are many trains in the world, the main task of which is to transport a wide variety of goods. Until now, this method of transportation is considered one of the cheapest, fastest and safest in a number of countries. Sometimes the tractors, which are “harnessed” by tens and hundreds of cars, stretch into a long line of rumbling iron. But even among freight trains there are record holders, and our today’s hero has surpassed them all:

The ore train runs between Newman and Port Hedland for approximately 8 hours. It usually has 250 cars, but in 2001 the train set a world record for length and carrying capacity. At that time, it had 682 wagons, it transported 82,000 tons of ore in one trip, and its length was 7.3 kilometers. Eight locomotives pulled the train from the Yandi mines to Port Hedland.



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