What skin symptoms indicate type II diabetes?

(ORDO NEWS) — Type II diabetes mellitus is increasingly common in children. According to the American Association of Dermatologists, symptoms can also appear on the skin. In addition to the usual signs of the disease, doctors recommend paying attention to the condition of the dermis.

So, the classic symptoms of the disease include thirst, weakness, polyuria. Now dermatologists recommend paying attention to the condition of the skin. The first telltale sign is poor wound healing. As you know, in people with diabetes, even a simple scratch can bleed for weeks.

In addition to this symptom, a person may experience itching, peeling, dryness. At the same time, simple care products are completely powerless. And all because the body lacks insulin. Such problems are solved as follows:

  • correction of the diet;
  • lifestyle change;
  • taking medications;
  • regular visits to the endocrinologist.

However, if you adhere to all the doctor’s prescriptions, you can quickly return to normal life. By the way, many stars suffer from type 2 diabetes. Priyanka Chopra’s (former Miss World) husband, famous singer Nick Jonas, talks on his blog about how to learn to live with this ailment.

By the way, the singer looks just great. He also recommends that parents of sick children support their child. At one time, ignoring the problem caused the singer to be overweight.


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