What should be the engine in a UFO?

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(ORDO NEWS) — Greetings to all readers. Welcome to the cozy corner of the absurd.

UFO, UFO. Everyone knows about aliens and flying saucers, but everyone has a different attitude to these objects. Most of humanity, which believes in aliens, is confident that aliens are ahead of us in development. But how much? Let’s speculate: “What engines are installed in flying saucers?”. Maybe not so much behind the technology of aliens?

What do we know about UFOs?

Not as much as we would like. We do not know their goals, where they came from, and what pilots are. We cannot even say 100%: “Are their ships manned?” All we have is eyewitness accounts.

According to eyewitnesses, UFOs can freeze in the air, and the speed of their ships is so high that they can travel tens of kilometers per second.

Let’s stop at the speed. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh were able to calculate the estimated speed of the plates. It is about 30 thousand km / h. or 8.3 km / s. This is just above the first cosmic velocity. We have long obeyed such speeds. Another thing is that terrestrial rockets that achieve such indicators are huge and consist mainly of fuel, and this is not observed in flying saucers. And our ships cannot levitate. So the alien ships do not operate on liquid fuel, like our rockets. But we have some assumptions.

The high cost of satellite and spacecraft launches compels us to seek other solutions. And in theory, there are two prototype engines. The first is a nuclear-powered engine, and the second is anti-matter.

If the second type exists only on paper, then the first engine has already been created. The RD-0410 engine was designed and created in the USSR from 1965-1985. Its mass was only 2 tons, and the specific impulse was 900 seconds, which is 3 times higher than that of the Proton launch vehicle.

Hypothetically, a similar installation may be in alien ships.

An antimatter engine is a great prospect for space travel. However, we have problems with this, how to get enough antimatter, and most importantly, how to save it.

What else can be installed in alien ships?

There is an opinion about anti-gravity and magnetic motors. Such assumptions arose due to the peculiarity of UFOs hanging in the air.

At all times, eminent scientists undertook the development of magnetic motors, but no significant progress was made. It is unlikely that they are installed in alien ships. Magnets do not carry any energy.

Even if we assume that a UFO levitates in the sky due to the Earth’s magnetic field and magnetic motor, then in outer space this will become impossible. And not all celestial bodies have a magnetic field.

The anti-gravity engine is a completely dark forest. Even if we assume that the aliens have this type of installation, it should work in tandem with another motor that provides movement on Earth at a speed of up to 30 thousand km / h.

An anti-gravity engine would only allow aliens to take off and land. To summarize, the most obvious candidate for the role of a UFO motor is a nuclear energy or antimatter engine. Many will argue that UFOs have installations that create wormholes.

Perhaps, but such technologies are required for traveling in outer space. Now the analysis was how they move on Earth.

To say that we are hopelessly behind alien civilizations is impossible. Most likely, the most technologically advanced aliens appeared earlier than humanity. And now we are separated no more than a thousand years. I can give an example – shipbuilding.

A thousand years ago, ships were propelled by oars, and now by engines. If we compare us and aliens, then we are still moving in space on oars, but this is only a matter of time.


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