What predictions The Simpsons can still come true in the near future

(ORDO NEWS) — The Simpsons have made incredibly accurate predictions many times since the show began. To some extent, this is even scary.

Matt Groening, who created the world famous sitcom, foresaw that it was Donald Trump who would become the future president. He also foresaw the arrival of the Apple Watch about 20 years before the products hit the market. 27 years ago, a coronavirus pandemic was predicted and is currently raging across the world. What else from the show in “The Simpsons” can soon come true?

In the future, Big Ben may go digital. In the sitcom, this landmark was shown several times, but instead of an analog version, it was presented in digital.

In the third season, Homer’s brother Herb is creating a child translator. So that soon a special device may be created that will help adults understand children. At the moment, in 2015, China has released an application for phones with which you can determine what a small child wants by the sounds he makes.

A badge named Ivanka Trump was featured in a 2016 episode. She allegedly took part in the presidential elections in 2028. So that she may well follow in her father’s footsteps, although many did not believe that he would become president.

In one of the episodes of the 7th season, it is shown that Mr. Burns wants to close the sun so that the residents of the city use as much electricity as possible. Perhaps some wealthy people will do the same in the future.

The episode in which robots fail and begin to attack people is quite plausible, especially if we take into account modern realities. Although initially they helped entertain guests and were quite friendly.

A dome was erected around Springfield to protect the city from pollution. Something similar happened this year with Manchester, East Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Leicester. Some kind of dome was erected around the cities to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further.


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