What neural networks are already capable of today

(ORDO NEWS) — A neural network is a mechanism similar in principle to working with human brain activity. It consists of artificial neurons, analogues of the biological neurons of the brain.

The term was first used in 1943 by neuropsychologist Warren McCulloch and neurolinguist Walter Pitts. They developed a computer model based on mathematical algorithms and the theory of brain activity.

Since then, technologies for creating neural networks have evolved, and there are more and more ways to use artificial intelligence every day. What are neural networks used for today?

Data recognition

Neural networks are able to compare and analyze information of different formats: both images and text. Search engines work according to this principle – they analyze the input data and produce similar results.

Also, the neural network is at the heart of the face recognition system. And even FacePay, the new identity-based payment technology, works thanks to neural networks.

Medical research

One of the most important functions of neural networks is to conduct medical research. Thanks to the introduction of technology in medicine, the diagnosis of many diseases has become much more accessible.

Neural networks are used in research such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and x-rays.

With the help of neural networks, it has become possible to detect oncology, tuberculosis, inflammatory processes, mechanical injuries and many other health problems in the early stages.

And they can also help the patients themselves, for example, to track their regular medication intake with the AiCure app.

What neural networks are already capable of today 2

Detection of financial fraud

Some banks have begun to implement innovative fraud detection technology. The neural network thoroughly analyzes a person’s habitual use of a smartphone: from the standard angle of the gadget’s inclination relative to the ground to the speed of entering text and the number of taps on the screen.

If the user deviates from the norm, the neural network automatically blocks the transfer or payment until the identity is confirmed.

The American company Brighterion has been offering a specialized service for banks Prevent for several years, and in 2021 Tinkoff began testing the system. All information is transmitted anonymously and does not belong to the category of personal data.

Self-driving cars

Driverless driving technology is gaining popularity around the world. In total, there are about 50 manufacturers, including both the largest auto brands and technology companies.

For example, Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, Yandex, Lyft, NVIDIA, Intel. It is the neural network in the unmanned vehicle that monitors the situation on the road, reads the location of the markings, responds to road signs and controls the distance to surrounding objects.

At the moment, such cars are at the testing stage – they are already being released into the city with a test driver.

What neural networks are already capable of today 3


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