What makes space cold

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a difference between heat and temperature, which some people do not know about, confusing these concepts with each other, using them incorrectly.

In physics, heat is considered as a form of energy that depends on the speed of movement of atoms. Fast atoms are “hot”, and slow – “cold”. Temperature is the average kinetic energy of these moving atoms.

But space is a vacuum, a giant void (mostly) whose temperature is technically impossible to measure.

When scientists say that space is cold, what they really mean is the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), which is thermal radiation that originated during the era of primary hydrogen recombination and evenly filled outer space.

CMB radiation is an extremely weighty argument in favor of the Big Bang , the generally accepted cosmological model describing the early development of the Universe.

The temperature of the CMB is 2.725 Kelvin or -270.425 degrees Celsius, which is very cold for humans. This is one of the many reasons why space travelers need a reliable space suit and pressurized ship.


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