What kind of music people will listen to on the Internet in 10 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Music has always remained popular and changed as society developed. Thus, all the social upheavals that occurred in the twentieth century had a strong impact on this form of art and contributed to the formation of new genres and styles. However, times are changing and experts are sure: in 10 years, Internet users will give preference to completely new melodies.

Hologram performers and computer game characters :

The first unreal “singers” and “singers” already exist. For example, in Japan, performer Miku Hatsune is very popular among the younger generation. However, this is not a real girl, but just a character of a famous anime, who appears at concerts in the form of a hologram. However, this does not prevent fans from spending a lot of money on attending performances and connecting to live streams.

Today, when we want to listen to music online , we usually enter the title of the track or the name of the artist. In the future, it is quite possible that playlists will be formed using artificial intelligence, which will select songs depending on many different factors. This will be convenient for listeners, because they do not have to waste time searching for a track that is relevant at the moment.

Remixes and natural melodies :

Electronic music is already quite popular now. In the future, this direction will be able to reach new heights. Experts believe that some services will give Internet users the ability to even influence the sound of specific melodies. This will allow every music lover to try on the role of a composer.

The familiar sounds of nature and everyday life will play a special role in the remixes of the future. Experiments with music, which consist of the howling of the wind or the crunch of fallen leaves, often appear on YouTube. The tendency is that in the future such melodies will appear more and more often.

After all, modern people often lack ordinary communication with the world around them, they spend so much time at work. Therefore, they will be pleased to hear music consisting of familiar sounds.

Full monetization

Previously, it was enough for an artist or band to sell discs and give concerts to earn their living. The advent of the internet changed everything. Now artists have to look for new sources of income. In the future, they may be:

streams on the Internet;
virtual concerts;
paid listening to tracks.

Most of the trends described in the article are gradually starting to be implemented now. Therefore, we can confidently say that in the future we will have new surprises that will make the music world even more interesting.


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