What is the Tesla robot Optimus really : Everything that is known about the new robot

(ORDO NEWS) — Tesla’s Optimus is not a new electric car, as one might expect. This is a robot that can help people around the house.

Starting with electric cars, Elon Musk finally got to robots. Here’s how he sees the future of personal assistants that don’t get tired or complain.

At the Tesla AI Day 2 event, Musk unveiled two versions of working Optimus prototypes. The first came about six months after the first AI Day event, when the company first publicly announced plans for a Tesla Bot.

Musk called this prototype the Bumble Cee, a misrepresentation of the Transformers robot. Tesla’s Optimus robot name is borrowed from Optimus Prime from the same franchise.

What can Optimus from Tesla

The latest iteration of the Optimus prototype looks somewhat similar to concept art unveiled in 2021.

A few joints are exposed, as you’d expect from a prototype, but the robot doesn’t have many visible wires or moving parts, giving a much better idea of ​​what to expect from the finished design.

This updated Optimus prototype with Tesla components and drives should outperform the Bumble Cee in almost every way.

When a part is optimized for a particular task, it is smaller, lighter, more durable, cheaper and more efficient.

Tesla began designing its components specifically to ensure that each of them was a perfect fit for their robot.

Musk said the new Optimus prototype would likely be able to walk within a few weeks and said he would share updates regularly.

When will Optimus be available to the general public?

Musk said that you will be able to order and receive Optimus in 3-5 years. Estimated shipping date is Fall 2027 or earlier. This is a long enough period, so it is not yet a fact that Tesla will manage by this time.

In the past, Musk has been overly optimistic about how quickly Tesla projects will become real products.

Admittedly, speculation on such an advanced and innovative technology is bound to be subject to considerable margin of error; however, Tesla’s missed delivery dates are a well-known and accepted reality.

When Optimus becomes available for pre-order, everyone should be prepared for the inevitable delays.

How much will Optimus cost?

Elon Musk has estimated the cost of the Optimus robot at less than $20,000. Musk explained why the Tesla Bot would cost less than a car in various interviews ahead of the AI ​​Day 2 event.

Compared to the cost of producing a Tesla car, the robot uses far fewer materials at a much lower cost. On the other hand, some of its components are quite complex.


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