What is the right way to ask for money from the universe or higher powers?

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(ORDO NEWS) — Are you dreaming of buying a thing that you can’t afford? Everything is real, if only you correctly ask the Universe about it. Let’s try?

Magic Words: Affirmations for Every Day for Money

Believe it or not, there is a time-tested law: to get something you want, you need to really want it, psychologically tune in to the purchase and say the right words. And the necessary funds will be found by themselves. Words really have magical powers that can make dreams come true! Energetic verbal formulas are called affirmations. They are spoken mentally, aloud, or written down.

The magic of words

The main rule for composing an affirmation is specifics. Forget the expression “I want a lot of money.” With such a presentation, nothing will work. First, determine the amount you need and clearly state it in your thoughts or write it down on paper. Then indicate the time frame for the fulfillment of the desire. The correct affirmation may look like this: “In August 2021, I receive an income of 100 thousand rubles and buy a ticket to the sea.” Psychologists recommend using the word “income” instead of the word “salary”. Speaking about specific earnings, we limit in our minds the possibility of the receipt of funds from other sources, for example, as a prize, gift or inheritance. There are a few more rules to follow when writing affirmations.

♦ The “not” particle must be absent in affirmations, otherwise the text automatically acquires the opposite meaning.
♦ When writing affirmations, do not use the future tense, otherwise the desire will lose its power. Better to write or speak like this: “I buy”, “I receive.”
♦ The text of the affirmations should indicate the result, not the way to achieve it. It is important to have a clear purchase goal. And let the Universe itself choose the method of obtaining funds for this.

Good habits

♦ Do not spend every penny. There should always be money in the wallet, at least in a small amount.
♦ After a successful shopping, the purchase should first be put on the table and only then transferred to another place.
♦ Change must always be taken with the left hand, and the bills must be given with the right.
♦ The reason for the fiasco is our complexes. Affirmations will not help if you are convinced that what you are putting in your words is impossible. Another reason is psychological blocks. If deep down you are sure that money spoils people, the law of the Universe is triggered, which protects you from “pernicious” profit.

Examples of Successful Affirmations

♦ My life is a succession of successes. I enjoy life, I welcome every new day with gratitude. I am sure that luck is always with me. I deserve all the best!
♦ Something bright and good comes into my life every day. The best things are specially prepared for me. I easily and joyfully part with money for the most successful purchase!
♦ My life is wonderful. I enjoy every good purchase. I can afford whatever I want. I buy exactly what I need. I get what I want easily!
♦ All the best goes into my hands. I am entitled to beautiful things. I am making excellent purchases. I enjoy wonderful things. I love life. I’m happy!


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