What is the Mapimi Zone of Silence and why is it called that

(ORDO NEWS) — For years, the area has been the source of stories about aliens and UFOs .

What is the Zone of Silence Mapimi (Mapimi), you ask? This is a stretch of desert 50 kilometers across in the Mapimi Nature Reserve, near Bolson de Mapimi in Durango. And, according to local legends, there are a lot of strange things here.

“There are many stories of aliens and UFOs in this area,” said Chihuahua-based UFO researcher Geraldo Rivera.

“People often get lost in the zone. When that happens, sometimes tall, blond-haired creatures appear out of nowhere.”

In this area, according to local residents, groups of alien warriors live. The area was called la Zona del Silencio (“Zone of Silence”) because, according to local myths, it is saturated with magnetic waves so strange and unique that radio transmissions and other communication signals do not work here.

All this sounds very mystical and strange – but is it true? Although the area had certainly seen quite a few “visitors” from outer space in recent years, not one of them was tall and blond.

These were three regular meteorites that hit the area at different times: one in 1938, another in 1954, which surprisingly hit the same ranch as its predecessor, and a third in 1969.

But these meteorite falls are not the strangest thing that has ever hit the quiet Mapimi zone.

In July 1970, when the US Air Force launched an Athena rocket from Green River, Utah, into the planet’s upper atmosphere. She was supposed to crash into New Mexico, but instead she crash-landed right in the middle of the Zone of Silence.

No one knows for sure what caused the rocket to deviate so significantly from the course, but it caused a real media storm, which, perhaps, has not subsided so far.

Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, who was part of the US space program, arrived at the crash site along with hundreds of local residents.

According to rancher Benjamin Palacios, a 28-day excavation process began in which “the Americans [brought] temporary dormitories, laboratories, kitchens, medical facilities and set them up right here in the desert.”

“They even built a cargo airstrip right into Houston,” he told Atlas Obscura. “They hauled out tons of rubbish by rail.”

A mysterious missile crash, a covert clean-up operation, and stories of extraterrestrial activity are all there is to a good conspiracy theory.

But the climax came in 1966 when, thanks to an oil company explorer, the area received a mysterious nickname: the Zone of Silence.

But why are there no radio signals in this area? Local explorers, who hunt legends and guide tourists through the area, blame it on underground magnetite deposits and meteorite debris that interfere with radio transmissions. But some scholars disagree with this explanation.


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