What is the limit of paper folding in half

(ORDO NEWS) — It has been experimentally proven that you can fold a sheet of plain A4 paper in half no more than seven times.

This physical phenomenon is explained quite simply: with each subsequent fold in half, the number of layers doubles, but the paper becomes too thick and too small to be folded in half again.

This exponential effect is impressive.

Theoretically, if you could fold an A4 sheet in half 26 times, then the thickness of the paper would be greater than the height of Everest (8,849 meters).

And if you folded an A4 sheet in half 42 times, then mathematically the thickness of the sheet would approximately correspond to the distance from the Earth to the Moon (384,403 kilometers). It is important to note that this is not possible in practice.

Of course, if you fold a piece of paper in half that has a larger initial area and less thickness, then you will be able to perform more – but not much – folds in half.

What is the limit of paper folding in half 2
Britney Gallivan and her record

The current world record for folding paper in half is held by California resident Britney Gallivan, who in 2002 was able to fold in half a piece of rolled tissue paper 1200 meters long in 2002 12 times.

And this despite the fact that its length was really impressive, as was the thinness of the paper itself.


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