What is immune age and how to determine it

(ORDO NEWS) — Usually, we use the date of birth to determine the age of a person, but scientists think that this metric is already outdated. But the immune age is something new.

We know that chronological and biological age are very different, but few people know that there is also an immune age that best describes your state of health.

When we talk about the age of people, we usually mean chronological age, which is calculated in the number of years from the date of birth of a person.

This does not take into account different factors in the development of the body, which is why 2 people of the same age may look different.

Biological age more accurately determines the state of the body. For example, you may be 60 years old, but thanks to your good habits and healthy lifestyle, you will look 10-15 years younger and your body will feel great.

Biological age is influenced by many factors, including food, sports and sleep, so 2 people born in the same year can have very different biological ages.

What is immune age

But why do some people age faster and others slower? The fact is that aging and biological age largely depend on how the immune system functions.

With every year that we live, the quality of his work changes: the child’s immunity is weak, because he is just beginning to adapt to the environment in order to become stronger in adolescence and adulthood, but in old age he weakens again.

In addition, a lot depends on the genes that affect the immune system. For example, if a person is genetically predisposed to certain diseases, the problem often cannot be solved by simple lifestyle changes.

Immune age is an assessment of how the immune system works. A wealth of data from blood samples form the trajectory of immune aging (IMM-AGE), which describes a person’s immune status better than chronological age.

Through this analysis, you can find weaknesses in the immune system, such as seeing if a person is susceptible to certain diseases.

This is why immune age is the most accurate way to determine a person’s health status, no matter how young or old they look.


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