What is healthier to drink – tea or coffee

Each of us prefers a different drink. Some people only drink coffee, others - only tea, and still others may be alternated and then, and then. However, we constantly hear about the different negative effects of our favorite drinks. Are they really that useful?

(ORDO NEWS) — Many of us start our day with coffee. Some people feel that without this drink they cannot wake up and live normally all day long. In addition, the production and preparation of coffee is a huge business that benefits from displaying this drink in a good light.

Therefore, there are many works that prove the benefits of an invigorating drink.

Among them, there are some good confirmed studies that show that coffee possesses an anesthetic effect and can reduce the risk of developing liver cancer. Over time, coffee, like any stimulant, becomes addictive. Caffeine in the quantities we are accustomed to ceases to act so well on the body and a person gets used to it.

Therefore, you have to increase the dose of coffee or its strength.

But everything is good in moderation. But the measure is not yet clear. Research alone says that you can drink without fear up to eight cups a day, others limit this limit is 3-4 by circles. Here you should rather measure not with cups, but with the amount of caffeine. It is recommended to consume no more than 400 milligrams per day if you do not have heart problems.

In terms of side effects, tea is much nicer. Few types of this drink contain the same amount of caffeine as coffee. Therefore, you can use them more than eight cups a day without fear. Tea contains antioxidants that help get rid of accumulated free radicals and reduce the risk of age-related mutations.

However, excessive use of these substances can, on the contrary, to enlarge the risk of premature death.

Considering all the pros and cons of both drinks, it is best to alternate between drinking. Coffee in moderation can improve cardiovascular health, and tea can help prevent the development of certain cardiovascular diseases. However, when choosing varieties of tea and coffee, you should be careful: products that are too cheap can contain harmful substances that can shorten your life.

These are, for example, heavy metals that plants accumulate from the soil.


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