What if America leads chaos?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As you know, this is happening all over the country, and for good reason. Last weekend, just recently (no doubt you heard about it), city officials announced that they had decided to dismantle the monument to Teddy Roosevelt, located in New York next to the Museum of Natural History. A bronze statue stands in the rotunda of Theodore Roosevelt opposite the Central Park since the times preceding the Second World War. She will be removed soon.

Without a doubt, the people who erected this monument 80 years ago would be puzzled. They did not consider Teddy Roosevelt a dubious person. Moreover, Roosevelt was the most popular president in American history. He was also the most American president. Teddy Roosevelt could not have been born in any other country.

Roosevelt’s virtues reflected America’s values. He was physically strong and courageous. He was very competent, highly disciplined and incredibly energetic. As a college student, Roosevelt wrote the history of the 1812 war in two volumes, which are still published. It can be bought on Amazon.

He was the youngest president in our history. He saved our economy from corporate monopolies. And by doing this, he provided the conditions for the emergence of the American middle class. He created national parks. He built the Panama Canal, the Food and Drug Administration, and did not stop there.

Teddy Roosevelt’s list of achievements fills entire shelves of biographical publications. And this is in addition to more than 40 books that he himself wrote on various topics – from Oliver Cromwell to cattle breeding and social justice.

As for the personality of Roosevelt, he was a very decent person. In 1901, he invited his friend Booker Washington to dinner. Prior to this, not a single African American had ever sat at the dinner table in the White House. Democrats roared with rage at this invitation. Until the end of their days, they attacked Teddy Roosevelt and his wife for having committed a “crime” by having lunch with a black man. But Roosevelt never obeyed. He showed the crowd a “cookie” and joyfully continued on his way.

For millions of Americans, Teddy Roosevelt was a hero. He is a hero now. That is why they demolish his statue. They know that if they can make you watch how they overthrow your heroes, they won. Now nothing is impossible for them.

They can decide how you raise your children, how you vote, what you are allowed to believe. Once they have humiliated you, they can rule you, and that is why crowds throughout the country destroy American monuments.

In the cities of Richmond and St. Paul, Minnesota, they demolished the monuments to Christopher Columbus. They did the same in Boston. And now the mayor of Boston says it’s time to remove the monument to Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves. He is “racist.”

In Dallas, they removed a monument to the Texas Ranger from the airport, which stood there for more than 50 years. In Dearborn, Michigan, they demolished a monument to the former mayor. They did the same thing in Philadelphia.

In Nashville, they demolished a statue of a former US senator, and in Albany too. Monuments to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were demolished in Oregon. In San Francisco, an angry mob brought down statues of Ulysses Grant, Junipero Serra, and Francis Scott Key. On the pedestal of the Ki monument, they painted with spray paint: “Kill the colonialists!” and “Kill the whites!” – in case you have not yet understood what they mean.

All these Americans, now “destroyed”, have one thing in common: none of them fought for the Confederation. The demolition of their monuments had nothing to do with the civil war – in any case, the first civil war, which was 150 years ago.

Democrats understand this very well and all support it. In every city where crowds destroyed state-owned monuments, this was supported by democratic leaders. But at the same time (and you should know about it) many Republicans do the same.

Last week, a crowd in central Washington decided to demolish a statue of a man named Albert Pike. Pike became famous as a journalist and poet, and later as a prominent freemason.

For less than a year, from the end of November 1861 to mid-July 1862, Pike served in the Confederate army. Pike was later arrested for betraying the Confederation, and for this he was facing the death penalty. But, ultimately, this did not save him from the crowd. They set fire to the soldered statue of Pike.

At least one well-known conservative tweeted in which he approved these actions. Republican congressmen said nothing at all, although they could. The Pike Monument, now destroyed, belongs to the National Parks Service, it is a federal property. Demolition was a crime, a violation of federal law. But no one in Washington even thought about protecting the law.

California House Chief Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was unable to say anything. McCarthy approved the demolition of monuments that the left called racist. Last week, when angry crowds roamed the cities of the country, destroying public property, Kevin McCarthy refused to admit it on his official Twitter page. After all, McCarthy was able to publish a very emotional tweet on Wednesday, categorically calling for sanctions against Syria and “hold the Assad regime accountable for his atrocities.”

Elected Republicans, almost all of them, are in no hurry to stop riots. They seem to think that what we are observing is a bit of a riot, triggered by the arrest of Rodney King in 1992. People saw on the Internet a video that unsettled them, excited them, they were angry, and this is understandable. But they will soon calm down, and we can return to the issue of reducing capital income taxes and imposing sanctions against Bashar al-Assad. That is how they see it all.

But they are wrong. This is not spontaneous social unrest. This is a serious and highly organized political movement. It is not superficial. This movement is broad and thorough. They are driven by huge ambitions. It is dangerous, and it will grow. His goal is to end liberal democracy and challenge western civilization itself.

This is an ideological movement. The ideas that feed him have been hatched for decades on university campuses. By the way, we paid for all this. The rest of us were so delighted that our children were at Duke University, that we decided not to pay attention to what they were actually taught there, and continued to send solid checks. That was a mistake. This was one of our biggest mistakes.

At that time, we did not understand what was at stake, and as a result, we easily succumbed to their lies. Even now, many of us continue to pretend that we are talking about police brutality, about the death in Minneapolis of a man named George Floyd.

We still think that we can fix this by setting rules for asphyxiating seizures or by allocating additional funds to prepare for de-escalation. We take everything too literally. We are too kind-hearted to understand what is really happening. The main weapon of the crowd against us is our decency. We have no idea who we are dealing with.

For most people, the main joy in life is the act of creating, doing something good and useful, whether it is dinner for your family, a veranda in the backyard of your house or an entire day spent in work. The most serious act of creation is, of course, the birth of children, the new life itself.

Healthy societies appreciate all this. They understand that under the influence of an impulse to creation, civilizations are built. But they also acknowledge that there are forces against creation, and they are vigilant to defend against them.

In every society there are those who seek destruction. They act destructively for the same reason that boys overpowered by psychological problems torture dogs or shoot domestic cats. By causing pain, they feel strong.

We are used to calling such people representatives of antisocial forces. They still exist. We only pretend that they do not exist, or, even worse, justify their behavior. We are babysitting with them. We finance them. Wall Street sends them money in the hope that they will be destroyed last. The rest are just watching in confusion. We really don’t know what is happening, but the destroyers know. They know exactly what is happening.

In the entire history of America, they have never acted as bravely as they do now. Just this Monday, around lunchtime, an activist named Sean King tweeted the following request: “All the frescoes and stained glass windows depicting the white Jesus, his European mother and their white friends should also be removed. This is a crude form of manifestation of the superiority of whites, created as a means of oppression, racist propaganda. All of them must be destroyed.”

Before you reject this idea, calling it an absurd ranting of some eccentric on social networks, keep in mind that Sean King is the country’s most famous leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is now more popular than any of the major political parties. So do not be surprised when they come to smash your church. Why not? After all, no one stops them.

Destructive forces have grandiose designs. It’s not just the Teddy Roosevelt monument. They are going to rule this country. What happens if it does?

Well, you can imagine that self-defense is a defense against chaos. In this country, you believe that you can always protect yourself and your family. This is one of the foundations of our civilization, of all Western civilizations.

One woman also thought so. On Wednesday, she drove around Louisville, Kentucky. According to local police, the woman was surrounded by protesters who blocked the road. They stood in front of her car with a megaphone. She began to resent, demanding that they let her through. One of them took out a gun. The woman tried to run away.

When a woman stopped at a red light a block later, another protester pointed a gun at her. She pressed the gas again and got home alive.

On Sunday, PNC (National Public Radio / NPR) published an article about the incident. The title of this article is: “The number of attacks on cars is growing because extremists attack the protesters.” In other words, NPC called this woman an extremist who “pounced on the protesters” for trying to save herself from the murder.

Think about it, and you will begin to understand why there are so few citizens who are trying to stop these crowds robbing our country. Monuments in the parks of your city are not the property of the antifa movement, your city does not belong to it. All this is yours, all this belongs to you. All this is contained in your money. But what happens if you try to protect public property or even if you try to protect property that belongs to you personally?

You know the answer. Crowds of federal agents will appear around you, they will act like Roger Stone, and CNN, CNP and many other media will help and participate in this. You will be a criminal. There is no doubt about that. You have already seen how this happens.

Federal law enforcement agencies today are largely driven by political imperatives. A list of their priorities is led by some types of so-called hate crimes. They will attract the FBI faster than you can call the local police in the event of illegal entry into your home, even if it turns out to be a false alarm, as is often the case.

Meanwhile, real hate crimes – brutal crimes in which Americans are seriously injured and injured – do not pay any attention. They occur on our streets with shocking regularity. The media do not write about them. And the criminals who committed them often remain completely unpunished. Meanwhile you would need to get in touch with a legal counsel (similar to the Maillet Criminal Law firm) to fight your cause and prove you innocent!

This is not speculation. There are quite a few video materials on the Internet about this, and some of them are very recent. We are not going to show you these videos. If you’re interested, go to the Twitter feed and find Matt Walsh’s blog until Twitter takes him away. You will understand what the point is.

But you already know. In America, laws are applied differently. Some victims are considered more worthy than others, despite the fact that we are all citizens. Themis is not impartial and not blind. Now this is true, as never before, and it is likely that the situation will become even worse. That is the purpose of this movement, these riots – to nullify the meaning, the principle of equality before the law.

After November, this trend may accelerate sharply. And by the way, we must stop pretending to be the election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. There is no Joe Biden. That Joe Biden that you remember no longer exists.

The muttering shell that you see may have the same name and appearance, but the mask has nothing but a messy set of abstracts from the early 1970s: “Turn on your players”, “No” ears to the ears ” (“No malarkey ″).

This candidate does not have his own independent thoughts. He has no fundamental beliefs. Inside it is emptiness. He is the perfect Trojan horse. According to people who seized power in the Democratic Party, he is an ideal candidate.

They expect to bring him to power. Once in power, a tough, calculating and purposeful person – perhaps Kamala Harris – will change the country. How? Well, they showed us how to do it.

For three years we were told that secret Russian agents seized power in the US government. One way or another, no evidence was presented that this was true. It was a fake. But it worked. With this lie, they imposed their will on the country, and it was their “trial run”, a dress rehearsal.

Is it possible to impress something completely absurd in a million people? Yes you can. They learned this. This is a lesson to us. They will do it again.

This time, their Russians will be supporters of the Confederation or the Nazis, or supporters of the idea of ​​superiority of whites, or someone else, depending on how they name their political opponents there. It almost doesn’t matter. But as soon as they choose a name, they will stir up mass hysteria, because that’s what they do well. The media will cooperate with them in everything, because it is their job. And we will arrange another witch hunt, and again – with the full support of the federal law enforcement agencies and special services. And who knows, maybe with the support of the army, because the threat is so great.

Some fools will try to point out the obvious, what is true. Of course, in the country, as elsewhere, there are racists. But overall, it is the least racist country in world history. Millions of Africans want to move to our country a. Many have already moved. Our previous president was black. What is it all about?

These people will be silenced. Silence will make anyone who goes against the ideological concept. By this time, the category of hate speech will be expanded, and everything that they do not want to hear will be referred to it. She will be criminalized as a federal crime. You will see. If they can demolish the Lincoln monument because it is “racist,” they can ban the First Amendment. You do not want to live in such a country.

Who can save us from this? Now only Republicans can save us. Not because they are virtuous in nature, not because they want to save us (they don’t want this), but because they are an opposition party – to the extent that it is still in opposition to anything. We have no choice but to ask them for help. The Republican Party is the only center of power remaining in the country that dissenters have.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for last time. This is not evidence of support for anyone else’s policy. This is a recognition of who possesses power and who does not, and the Republican Party is the only center of power.

On Friday, Vince Coglianese, editor-in-chief of the Daily Caller news site, interviewed Donald Trump in the White House. Collanese asked the president why he had not sent federal troops to stop the chaos in cities like Seattle. And so the president answered: “Now I think how good it is to sit back and watch this catastrophe.”

We understand what he meant. These are liberal cities, and they destroy themselves. Their policies are ineffective. This is what you get when you vote for liberals.

But this is still the wrong answer. The president is responsible for all Americans, no matter where they live, for the country itself. Imagine that you quarreled with one of your children. The child runs away from home, gives vent to his anger, acts recklessly, becomes a drug addict, “hooked” on heroin, and lives on the street. But you are not looking for him. You are not trying to save him.

Instead, you flaunt, claiming that his addiction is proof that you were right from the start. “Now I think how good it is to sit back and watch this catastrophe.” You wouldn’t say that. None of the good parents would say that. And no president should say that.


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