What happens to the brain before death

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have been studying the human brain for decades before death and trying to understand what happens in consciousness during this process.

Now they have found that before death, the brain works at full capacity. About what is happening at this moment – in the material.

Scientists from the University of Langone conducted a study that allows you to find out what a person feels before death and what happens in his mind.

The study involved 567 people, including men and women.

All of them survived cardiac arrest and returned to life after resuscitation. Scientists interviewed people to find out what they actually felt at the moment of cardiac arrest.

The people themselves said that, despite clinical death, they were conscious.

Participants described their feelings with the words “separation from the body”, “comprehension of life” and “analysis of actions in relation to other people”.

In addition to surveys, scientists also tracked the brain activity of people at the time of clinical death. The test results confirmed that at this time the brain was working at full capacity.

The researchers recorded the activity of brain waves, which usually work if a person is engaged in hard intellectual work. They also noted that the waves responsible for stress were not recorded in these studies.

Thus, we can conclude that people go through awareness and thought process, but do not experience excitement or experience.

However, scientists note that this work will not be final, as they plan to continue to study what a person feels at the time of death.

The authors of the article say they can already share some insights about people’s experiences before death, but the information is still incomplete.


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